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Favorite Ralphis Project?

Favorite Ralphis Project!?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Ralphis Project!?

    • Doomkart
    • Zeldoom
    • NESdoom
    • EscoMod
    • Other (verify)

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Haha I never played any of them haha. ;P

finish doomkart you bastard

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I've never really heard of these till now, or played them.
Wow, I am a deprived child. :)

I would try them if my silly computer would work, but for now I'm stuck here on my daddys puter with really bad midi output. :D

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Ultraviolet said:

My favorite Ralphis project is Mordeth II!!!

wtf? did he honestly make (or starting making) that? i was going to work on a memento mori II but i guess that idea's not original anymore :/

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DooMBoy said:

None, cause I don't think I've ever played any of them. :P

That's because none of them are released, except for the old ZelDooM beta.

Oh, and my vote goes to Back to the Future DM.

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sargebaldy said:

well you have a new monster to work with and i never see you on IRC anymore to send it to you.

I already sent it to him.

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