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NOS_EVL.lmp !!!

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OMG the memories!! (memory rant..:-) )

I always remembered this demo which basically encouraged me to practice DM to be a better player. The file name I never forgot. It stuck in my head ever since I first saw it,that was probably back in 1996 or so. Little did I know...

HOURS were spent watching and studying this demo - all the others didn't compare to this guys playing style. Anyone remember that old doom2 bot based on doom2.exe? It was some weird hack where the players had super precise aim and nothing else could really be changed. All I learned from viewing that demo went straight into this bot game. PRACTICE PRACTICE. Soon, all the tactics those fun (but predictable) bots had to give I could compete with. Next came multi-line BBS systems runnign SirDoom. I had a name in Lancaster, CA, I wasn't a bad player.

Something suddenly made sense to me after re-visiting the doom community. When I realized that bahdko's site (and a few other people) keep mentioning this player named NoSkill I thought "wow, I guess he was the king of doom back then." His memorial site seemed like kind a shock to me since I never really had any direct contact with him, but remember his name popping up in #doom2 every so often.

Another thing clicked today when I started digging through my old 3/12 floppy disks to look for the nos_evl.lmp. I knew I had saved it (the only one) and realized - "hey what if "nos" is the man NoSkill himself??" I went back to Bahd's site, sure enough "Noskill vs EvilGenious - 1995". file name - nos_evl.lmp. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD!!Once again I watched in awe as each step and shot came back to my memory.

I dunno,this is just a memory lane rant. I know there are better players these days, it's just that I had no idea that one of the best DM players had the most profound effect on me playing doom2. The techniques carryied on what I learned to other multiplayer games He was one of the best..I should have figured that out..

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Yes, NoSkill was the king of DooM way back then, and he was a great tactical player, u should see his Map11 gameplay, thats one of the maps that only a few people played strategically back then, and NoSkill was one of them :)

NoSkill had the most advanced gameplay for that time, no doubt about that.

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