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Preferred weapon

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Troopers: pistol
Sarges: pistol, shotgun
Imp: shotgun
Demons, Spectres: fist, chainsaw, SSG, chaingun
Cacos: chaingun, ssg, rockets launcher
Pain Elementals: chaingun, ssg, rockets, plasma
Revvies: ssg, chaingun, plasma
Hell Knight, Baron of Hell: ssg, rockets, plasma
Mannies: ssg, rockets, plasma
Arachnotrons: plasma, chaingun
Arch Viles: plasma, rockets, BFG
Spider Mastermind: plasma, bfg
Cyberdemon: ssg, rockets, plasma, bfg

My bread and butter weapons, though, are the SSG and plasma rifle.

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More or less copied from my post in last year's thread about this subject :P

  • Zombiemen - shotgun, chaingun, berserk
  • Shotgunners - shotgun, chaingun
  • Chaingunners - shotgun, chaingun
  • Imp - shotgun, chaingun, berserk
  • Demon - super shotgun, berserk
  • Cacodemon - super shotgun, berserk
  • Hell Knight - super shotgun, berserk
  • Baron of Hell - super shotgun, berserk
  • Pain Elemental - chaingun, BFG, berserk
  • Lost Soul - chaingun, super shotgun, berserk
  • Revenant - plasma, super shotgun
  • Arch Vile - super shotgun (because it's like playing russian roulette, == fun)
  • Arachnotron - super shotgun, rockets
  • Mancubus - super shotgun, rockets
  • Spider Mastermind - BFG
  • Cyberdemon - super shotgun unless in cramped situations where I'm more or less forced to use BFG

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MatrixmaN said:

BFG for everything....

I don't like the BFG, it eats your ammo like a bastard, and it takes so damn long to fire, if you try to dodge enemy fire you'll just wast your shot on a wall...always happens to me.

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