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largest/most complex map ever?

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Erik, the 2^16 segs limit can be breached, the earlier build of Deus Vult broke 65,536 segs easily with 54k sidedefs, and was able to run on ZDoom, albeit with certain problems like holes in the blockmap, monsters not waking, etc. etc. etc.

I reduced the size of Deus Vult back to 36k sidedefs and 2,500 sectors, for many reasons, leaving ONLY the tech and hell theme in the main level. The secret beta tester (Ragnew *cough cough*) seems to like (drool over) what he sees so far.

It [the largest version of DV, 70,000 segs] still ran though, perhaps the only unproven limit is 65,536 sidedefs, but I'm pretty sure 65,536 sidedefs is the limit of the engine and the limit of any mapper's obsessions :)

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Filesize isn't really valid to this topic because many levels use 'sector saving' techniques which drastically reduce the filesize of a wad.

Some of the levels in Hellcore are several thousand sectors and even with massive sector saving.. they're still around 2-3 megs.. but that's coming down from like 7-8 megs in size.. quite a difference i think.

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