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Yay, an MSN chatroom

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I decided to start an MSN chatroom for the night. I'll probably keep it open everyday. So far Mewse, Job, Mystic, Doom Anomaly, Planky, Footman, Goaxis, and Aliotroph? have all joined us, and BBG who accidentally god banned for 24 hrs. :P. Come on out of the sleeping IRC room and over to the MSN room (if you can)!


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MSN Chat System Requirements

MSN Chat is not currently compatible with your Internet browser and/or computer operating system.


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Strike 1: It made me use IE.
Strike 2: They booted Mewse for no good reason.
Strike 3: It was retarded.

How do I burn this account?

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Heh, I like Mewse as much as you. Next time I'm not giving every member of the chatroom the hammers.

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