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Dunbar's Insomnia Marine

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Looking good.. you always draw that small and press so hard on your pencils?. try to sketch lightly first with a hb pencil to get the basic sillouette and then fill in the sillouette and after thats finished press harder on your pencil. I would suggest a h2 pencil. stays sharp longer and gives a nice clean line. and try to draw a line in one stroke.

I have a good exercize tutorial somewhere for helping to achive a nice clean stroke instead of shacky lines.. i'l go search for it if you want me to :)

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I don't usually draw that sketchy or press that hard, but it was 2 am and I was angry about not sleeping. I'm working on the final version now, and this time I'm putting a tad more effort into it.

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Oh yeah, I have pics in my sig! That reminds me, I have a doom comic series I never got around to making. Oh, and that marine re-drawing is currently on pause since I can't draw muscles for crap.

By the way, has there ever been a Doom comic by the name of "Doomed?" I need to know before I get any serious work done on my series.

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