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Now there's a bridge over my troubled waters

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I once saw a Garfunkel (yep, sans Simon) performance. Concert hall, awesome sound, good (though not thrilling) performance. Always loved their songs.

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DEMOn said:

Hell gets colder every year it seems.

Yeah, Duke Nukem Forever might even get released in 2006* :P

*-/+ 1/15 years

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Or a new Nine Inch Nails album might get released. Or worked on.

It is being worked on. We just have no idea in hell wtf it'll be released. The main page of nin.com has nearly faded all the way. Once it all turns white, I'd expect and update.

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OMFG! Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme forever!

/me headbangs

Python_Junkie said:

Tapeworm doesn't count?

Rofl...Tapeworm is dead dude. I dont thin it would have been very good anyway.

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