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New doom map

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I released a 9-level episode for the original Ultimate Doom back in 1997 called ITD (Industrial Techware Doom). By today's standards, it is seriously lacking in the detail department. But earlier last month I decided to go through, one-by-one and remake each map with modern tools for modern Doom ports. "Infestation" is the first map I decided to work on, which was originally E1M7 in ITD.

It will probably be several months before anything else is released, but I wanted to throw out this "teaser".

http://www.industrialtechware.com/files/itd-r20u.zip - Original ITD (1997-11-20), runs on vanilla Ultimate Doom or port with Doom 1 IWAD

http://www.industrialtechware.com/files/Infest.zip - Infestation (2003-08-19), runs on any ZDoom-based port with Doom 1 IWAD

[edit] it's not infest.zip, it's Infest.zip

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Hey, ITD is one of my favourite Doom1 episodes.

I hope you have removed the cheesy porn imagery from that E1M7 secret room. This wad really deserves a broader audience.

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Yes I did. The new version, Infestation is completely porn-free!

There was also a little nudity in E1M9, but you had to noclip to find it. It will also be removed when I get around to redoing the other maps.

BTW, it's nice to know that you enjoyed ITD. It's never been that popular, and I've never really talked to anyone outside my circle of friends that like it (or even play Doom).

Also, the reason that it is for ZDoom-based ports is really a mistake. I used ZETH to build it, not realizing that ZETH makes a Hexen-style WAD even for Doom maps. ZDoom is the only port that supports this so far. I think it can be converted back to vanilla using the new version of DeePsea, but I do not own it. Maybe sometime in the future.

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