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wanna see my pic....

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OK i got 2 scans of an old doom add on package. i need a place to upload them so i can show u, sorry dont got my FTP up yet. the first is the front view the second is the back. very horrible artwork. looks like it was made in, most likly was, microsoft paint.

it has something like 250 wads and it is for doom2. the interface is horrible and buggy. infact it has many issues. its more like a glorified shell or batch file that is made up of about 150 different exe's depending on what u want to do.

not as good a D!zone was, it was 1 or 2 well made exe programs.

infact i have only gotten this thing to run once. with doom II on a DOS, ver 5, system. didnt work in 6.22 or freeDOS.

anyone with FTP, IM me on AIM

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LorD BaZTArD said:

I'd give you the stuff, but I'm too far away. AND we can use the ash in the barbeque. Light away Slipwit, we won't miss you.

Don't worry, I have the stuff here. I'm just not sure on how to lite this match... I'll get back to you when I'm done.

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Trying to steer this back on topic...

Yes, I would like to see the scans of that package. Unfortunately, I don't have an FTP for you :/

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slippy3 said:

Jee, that's great. Now all I need is a can of gasoline and a match to lite myself on fire.

Apparently you're trying to get people to flame you. All I have to say is No.

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Seriously, I'm not trying to start anything bad around here! This is just the way I am. I didn't know the rules because I didn't read the faq. But now I've read it and will follow the rules! I haven't insulted ANYONE, and you guys are getting mad at me. All I did was post a lot and people are getting mad at me for it.

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