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What games have you edited for?

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What games have you edited for? Released or just messing around with the editor(s)?

I've edited for lots of different games, but don't have a lot to show for it. Sometimes I was just experimenting in the first place, other times were serious efforts that I never finished.

Anyway, here's my list:

Doom & Doom 2: Made three released maps (four if you count Draconio's Trench Warfare Zone, which I passed around Doom Connector and had available on my website for a time, but never uploaded to the main archive). Also lots of unfinished projects (mostly crap, but some with potential). I've also monkeyed with DeHacked a fair deal, mostly making weird things happen. I did make an altered weapon set, but never released it mainly because it used ripped graphics.

Tapan Kaikki: No releases, but I've made a fair deal of levels for it, some of which are semi-decent. I'm waiting for Tapan Kaikki Bloodshed (the new version for Windows) to be released, then I might start editing for it again, and maybe even release something.

Soldat: Released two levels on my website for a time. Also made several other levels, some of which were even completed although unreleased. But the editor was kind of difficult to use, and I lost interest when the game ceased to be freeware.

Heretic: Worked with it a little, never made a finished map. I also messed a bit with HHE, trying to alter the monsters to simulate opposing players, with little success (as I recall, Phoenix Rod Guy liked to beat his own brains out if he got injured by his splash damage).

Quake 1: I never went beyond making a few basic rooms with this, but it's a game I might try editing for again someday. I've also done a little bit of experimenting with QuakeC, with a particular interest in enemy AI and bots.

Commander Keen: Yes, there's a nifty utility out there that lets you hack the level files to episodes 1 to 3. I've messed around with it a little, but not completed anything.

Warcraft 2: Made a few maps, all of them just my screwing around.

Liero: I never did much with the map editor, but I loved messing around with the weapon hack utility to make all sorts of bizarre weaponry. I never released any of my weapon patches though, and I'm not sure if I still have them.

Metroid: There's also a hack editor for the Metroid ROM that I've messed around with a little. It's interesting but I did very little with it.

Lode Runner 2: I made several strange levels for it that I never released and have since lost.

C-Dogs: I would have liked to make mission sets for this game, but gave up trying since the editor was a total bitch to use, frequently crashing and eating my data for no apparent reason.

Civilization 2: Mostly I was joking around and making the units into bizarre things.

ZZT: This one is quite interesting to edit for despite its primative nature, but I never completed anything.

Megazeux: A similar type of thing to ZZT, but on a whole I've used it less.

There might have been others, but these are the ones I remember. So, what games have you edited for?

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Doom - Working on one ZDoom map right now for a couple of years, off and on as you can probably guess. Had another map but it died in a hard drive format. One map of mine is featured in the upcoming ZooM project.

Quake 1 - Just messed around with WorldCraft a bit, never released anything (or even remotely finished anything).

Unreal/UT - Just messed around with UnrealEd, didn't release/finish anything.

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I have done very little or much in editors and such, but I still enjoy it...

Doom (In general) - Just made 7 maps, I may still have if my computer does lose all its data, these are the first 7 maps I've ever made.

Heretic - I tried but didn't get far, I did a bit then went back to working on my doom levels. :P

HeXen - Looked at it from an editor, got scared and ran back to doom. :)

Pokémon Gold - Yeah, I got an editor for it, just to basically make maps and all this jazz, it was neato but I only looked in it and fiddled around and stuff, then exited and never checked on it since.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater(2?) - Yeah, the editor for making a level comes in the game but I was proud of the skate park I made. :D

Thats all I can remember, though I have some very vague memories of editing and tinkering with a few games in editors but they were a long time ago and I can't remember them. :D

Edit: Oh hehe, thanks Danarchy, I forgot totaly!
Starcraft - This I mapped for a lot, I did a lot of editing maps and making maps and triggers and all the stuff for them, haven't done it in about a year though. It was fun, Starcraft was one of my favourite games a while back. :D

And Jetpack - Man, this game was soo cool, and had funny sounds. I made a lot of maps for this and played them for hours, but I only had the shareware I had loads of fun. :D

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Doom etc - I've made about 1,000 small levels just to see what I could do. I've made about eight or so serious levels, though I've only released two. The others I haven't yet finished. Also, I've done about six speedmaps.

Civ 2 and 3 - Messed around in the editors, produced crap.

Warcraft 2 - Made some pretty fun levels. They're all lost now though.

Half-Life - Made large warehouses for the AI to duke it out in. My computer was to weak to compile anythign bigger. Also, they were half made out of prefabs. :P

Duke Nukem 3d - Made a couple really cool DM levels that my friends and I used to play on. I kept working on them as we went along though, so it was a slightly different experience every time. I also made a ton of test maps. Sadly, I never made backups of them.

Dungeon Keeper - Made a few levels, but I didn't get the scripting so they werent very good.

Total Annihilation/TA:K - Messed around in the editors a bit.

Starcraft - Screwed around with it several times. I think my greatest success was my WH40K scenario. Too bad its almost unplayable though because about a half hour of Warhammer 40k gameplay turns into two minutes when it's in real time. :D

Fallout 2 - I want to edit for it so bad, but I keep getting font errors whenever I load it up. >_<

Sim City 3000 Unlimited - Made some buildings in the editor. One of them was pretty cool.

Star Trek: Armada - I made a level for it the other day. It kinda works. Unfortunately the derelict ships dont appear and the player starts are all wrong.

Jetpack - Heh, that game was fun

There are probabyl other games I've tinkered with, but I can't remember them.

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DooM 1/2: 3 unreleased boss maps, an 11 map episode, a 32-map megawad, a 9 map Ultimate ZDoom episode, 4 maps for community projects.

Heretic: 9 map episode.

Hexen: Edited custom hubs to fix bugs and fit them into episodes, but that's it.

Duke: Edited custom maps to fit them into episodes, but no maps made myself. (although I could probably do it if I wanted)

Unreal: Ditto. (although the editor is so complex all I could do was put exits, music changes, translator messages and other actors in)

Worms United/2/Armageddon/World Party: 7 sound banks (Blackadder, DooM 2, Father Ted, The Fast Show, Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf and Shooting Stars) and a few maps, only one of which (a Destruction Derby 2-style bowl) was really decent.

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  • Doom & Doom2 obviously

  • Keen 1 - although i didn't get very far on that

  • starcraft - made a map for it

  • civ2 - messed around with the editor a bit, didn't really make anything good though

  • half-life - managed to make a floating green couch

  • quake - tried learning when it was kinda new, managed to make a ramp for it

  • blood - tried learning to do this too, didn't get anywhere with it either

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Dooms - Both vanilla and zdoom. The only one's that I "released" were speedmaps.

Quake - Just one unfinished map. The editor was pissing me off so I stopped.

Wolfenstein 3D - Never managed to maintain an interest in mapping for this game to actually complete anything :P

Starcraft - Same Big Game Hunters style edits to pre-existing maps.

Super Mario Bros. - Rom hacking util. Just some messing around.

There's probably a bunch more that Im not remembering.

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Wolfenstein 3D
Nascar racing II (if you count 'repainting' the cars)
Red Alert
Stunt (old racing-like game)

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Nothing much other than doom

Doom: Various skins, a couple of levels, a few sound wads, lots of sprties and a bit of dehacked stuff. Mostly aimed at zdoom.

Quakeseries: skins and modelling

UT: Made a map or two.

Jazzjackrabbit2: Tried making alevel

wwfSmackdownseries:Making new wrestlers and stables.

Cool boarders2: Created own snowboard.

Half-Counterstrike: The occational skin.

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Doom 2 - Numerous test maps, most of them complete garbage, 1 released deathmatch map

Heretic - 2 episodes, and a couple of deathmatch maps

Hexen - Nearly two hubs (the second one fairly close to completion), and a deathmatch map

Quake - 1 Team Fortress map (many versions, but they were all just minor fixes)

Hexen 2 - Tinkered with an editor a little, but I never was really interested enough to make any maps.

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Baldur's Gate 2: I'm currently writing a couple of new NPCs for this, and have plans for several quests and battles.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun: I fooled around with the editor a little, but it was a bit boring.

Doom 1: I was going to make an episode for this a few years ago, but only ever made one level for it. This level, now for Doom 2 and heavily improved, will be released standalone in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Doom 2: my game of choice :) I've done a tonne of stuff, both released and unreleased.

Half-Life: I made one room for this before I released it was way too complicated for me ;)

Quake: I actually made quite a big level for this, before I noticed it was far too 2D. Upon trying to make it more 3D, I found that it gave me a headache, and decided to stick with 2D and Doom :)

Starcraft: I made a whole bunch of pretty decent levels for this, but unfortunately they seem to have gotten lost in the passing of time.

Warcraft 2: See above ;)

Warcraft 3: I managed to figure out the basics of level editing for this fairly easily, but I can't be bothered trying to work out how to do the more advanced stuff.

Wolfenstein 3D: I remember making almost an entire episode for this, back before Doom 1 was even released. I've no idea what happened to it though.

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Nice thread for my 300th post!

I did lots of editing in Doom, Duke3D, Red Alert, Warcraft2, Quake and Hexen2; most of it unreleased.

The most important stuff:
Quake2: the SOG mod
Doom: Map06 of the 10-sector WAD
RTCW: Two SP maps: Ameland and Brabant.

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Doom1/2 - Umm...reason I'm called TeamKill

Rott - I was making Rott2, but haven't touched it in a while.

Wolf3d - Made a few unreleased levels.

Quake 1/2/3 - Started, but never finished a few levels.

Unreal, UT and UT2k3 - Nearly finished one level in UT1. Played around in UT2k3

Descent1/2 - Finished some levels (simple ones), but unrelased.

Terminal Velocity - Played around in the editor some.

Warcraft 2 - Made a few levels for my friend.

Starcraft - Attempted a few levels.

Aliens vs. Predator - Played around in the editor.

Heretic - Made a few levels a VERY long time ago.

Hexen - Kinda messed with it a little bit

Duke3d - Nearly finished a few, but never did.

Blood - messed around with it a little.

Dark Forces - Messed around with this. Interesting experience...

SimCity 2000 - Made a few new buildings

Half-Life - Messed around with it a little

Descent Freespace - Played around in the editor.

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Attempted to make a level.

Sonic the Hedghog - Attempted one in here, too.

Command and Conquer - Played around with the editor.

Red Alert - Almost finished a level.

WarCraft 1 - played around with the ULTRA SLOW editor I found for it.

ZZT - Yep, tried this. Never finished anything.

I think that's all...

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Doom: made about 20 maps and released 2 or 3.

Starcraft : made about 2-3 maps

Max payne : Never got past making the tutorial for connecting 2 rooms and an exit

UT : got around the place as Max

Soldat: made 1 map

Worms world party or armageddon : made a few maps

Simcity ,classic,2000,3000: made around 30 cities. I should reinstall it someday.

Dungeon Siege : Tried for 20 mins and gave up

Morrowind : Should try it someday

Civ3: tried something once

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Doom II: A couple of try-outs. Those maps were crap.

Duke Nukem 3D: Me and one of my friends created a club, called 'the Sub'. Rotating lights, strippers, an entrance hall, about 5 different areas, bars and even a chill out room. We had it all. Then he lost the map.

Worms: A bunch, including homemade backdrops.

Half-life: A couple of try-outs. Those maps were crap.

Unreal: A couple of try-outs. Those maps were crap.

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Wolf3d: A couple levels. Never released.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: A few whole episodes. Never released.

Doom/Doom2: Some simple rooms with enemies, and some unreleased EDGE weapon mods.

Duke3d: heh.

ROM Hacking: Done some unreleased experiments with Mario 1, 2 and 3. Currently making a big Super Mario World hack, called Mario+, using the "Lunar Magic" editor and a few other things.

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Doom* - obviously


C&C Red Alert - some maps, a map mod, sound effects for a couple total conversions

WarCraft 2 - made some levels, released one I worked on with someone

River City Ransom (NES, rom) - Changed characters names back to Japanese except in English letters, as many as could fit.


Heretic and Hexen - Started to make a level for each. Actually I quietly released a sucky conversion for Doom of the sucky one for Heretic in a sucky wadpack. The Hexen one was starting out wicked and I've been thinking of getting back to work on it. Messed around with converting levels with DM2conv and D!. Also messed with HHE and Hex, the DHE-like/based hack editors.

Did mess around with Duke 3D editor a little but made nothing from scratch.

Made RTS files for Duke3D, also usable with ROTT.

I extracted some resources from Quake 1, but I don't think I did anything else.

C&C Sole Survivor - added another announcer voice

Red Alert 2 - a sequal to a RA1 map mod, but not finished yet

Can't remember if I messed around Tiberian Sun's level editor, but I did look at its rules.ini while working on my RA2 map mod. I used some of TS's weapons that had remnents left in RA2 but not used.

Mugen - made alternate palette swaps for Dio, Onslaught, Felicia, and Gouki.

Starcraft - made Dead Simple

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (Dreamcast) - made a rough recreation of Downhill Jam from Skate or Die!

Excitebike (NES) - Yay!... The first game probably many of us of messed around with editing. With save states we can actually save custom tracks in the US version now. Only messed around with the track editor as a little kid though, not anytime since I actually got it emulated.

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What games have I edited for?
Doom, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and I attempted to learn Quake editing, but it baffled me, so I gave up.

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Wolf3D, Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Strife Quake1, Quake2 UT, Duke3D, Dark Forces, Dungeon Master Java, Half Life.

Most of the above were simple mods, graphics changes, skins, minor changes to the items on a level, sounds, music etc. The various Doom games I've edited more extensively and produced at least one level for each (more for actual doom obviously), and I did a mini episode of 5 or so levels for Duke 3D. I also did a simple Dungeon Master Java level a few weeks ago just to see how easy it was (very).

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Gokuma said:

Excitebike (NES) - Yay!... The first game probably many of us of messed around with editing. With save states we can actually save custom tracks in the US version now. Only messed around with the track editor as a little kid though, not anytime since I actually got it emulated.

ROFL...of course! That was the first time I ever saw any kind of an editor. I remember I used to use S and R excessivly and it fried the AI. They just continously crash because they were driving so quickly over the weird obstacles while I was just slowly making my way through it. Bwahahahaha!

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Doom, Doom2, Half-Life, Red Alert and Red Alert 2.

I do loved customimizing NES's Wrecking crew levels and Excitebike tracks. Dan, what was the S and R, slopes and ramps?

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Mr. Chris said:

Doom, Doom2, Half-Life, Red Alert and Red Alert 2.

I do loved customimizing NES's Wrecking crew levels and Excitebike tracks. Dan, what was the S and R, slopes and ramps?

No, remember all the pieces were alphabeticaly coded. R was a huge pile of ramps or something and S was this thing that had a dropoff with mudpuddles below it. I'd have to play the game again to tell you the specifics though.

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In order of most done.

Games with editors:

Doom Series
Sim City 2000 - maps for Sim Copter
Warcraft II - mainly maps for LAN play
Heroes of Might and Magic I & II - a few maps
Duke Nukem 3d
Quake II
Sim City 3000 - I plan to try the editors


Yoot Tower - for PC: figured out how to make new billboards
Streets of Rage 2 - for Genesis: replaced some ASCII text when I first tried hex editing
Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires - most of the game data is in CSV text files. Used this to horribly cheat when the game got too long.
Warsong - for Genesis: didn't get very far, savegames didn't have static locations

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Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Descent, Hexen, Duke3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Quake, Hexen 2, Quake 2, Half-Life, Shogo, Quake 3, Warcraft II, Starcraft, HOMM 1/2/3, Deus Ex, Unreal, AoE2...

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Level editing:
Final doom
TNT Doom
Quake 3
SimCity 2000 - new models
Half-Life (high freaking skills here)
Counter-Strike (high freaking skills here)
Max Payne (got as far as a box. its too much work to make a level!!)

Playing with code:


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Doom/doom2/heretic/hexen (someday strife)
I think this is self explanatory.

Warcraft 2
I've made some good maps. I have an old map pack I made on my website. Just look under downloads. wc2combo or something like that.

I made a 45 level rtl which sucks, but I can borrow for my new project for it, which may promise to be much more fun.

A little, mostly replacing the weapons, and tester maps. Nothing much else

Hexen 2
I wanted to, and still do, but I still haven't quite understood how.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2
I like to dabble a bit, yes. It's actually good fun.

Duke Nukem 1
Honestly, just some minor screwing around. The editor comes with the game somewhere.

Duke 3d
I tried a few times, then lost interest.

SimCity 2000
Well, what else would you do? (aside from fooling around with disasters, also including those in the secret debug menu) Also, I've made a few nice buildings too.

RollerCoaster Tycoon
Erm, see above answer. :P

It is very possible, but I just don't understand how.

Diablo 2 LOD
It is very possible, but I just don't understand how. Nor have the patience to use Excel spreadsheets.

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Made a megawad that I'm revamping for a version 2 and made a couple DM maps and a remake of Doom II's map02.. Have a dozen different maps started that I plan on finishing asap. ;)

Started a mod for Half-Life with a team but they decided to go ahead with a diff mod so I quit. Made several, never completed maps that I ended up converting to Opposing Force and then gave up on the whole shebang.

Working on a 9 lvl episode for Legacy. Have 4 or 5 maps started. Will finish after I get my main DooM stuff done..

HeXen II: Portals of Praevus
Started to make a group of maps in a Blackmarsh theme plus a few Mazaera (is that the right spelling?) maps for a small level pack. Hope to finish this someday.

Blade Of Darkness:
Worst editor on the Planet to figure out. As far as I can remember some of the menu and whatnot is in Spanish and the interface is damned confusing. I dunno how the guys made the original, big-assed, levels with this thing..... wow thats amazing, really. I made one room after following a tutorial but never got to see the room in the game since I couldn't get the lighting working and had to give up. Heh..

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Made a small stronghold beneath Balmora for holding all my collected treasures. Made a new city North of Vvradenfell but got stuck trying to figure out the scripting, so I returned to editing DooM II.

Quake I
Made a couple maps, most of which got deleted. I have this one castle / keep that I may finish sometime...

Quake II
Frigged about with a few map ideas that got nowhere fast.

I ran UnrealED once. :p

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Duke Nukem

My first love is for anything Doom-related of course..:)

Cadman - Member TeamTNT

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