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doom2 update

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where can i download the 1.7a to 1.9 update patch from.

yes i tried to doomworld link, but 3ddownlaods sucks! why should i wait 50 minutes to download a 430k files!

so do anyof u carry the patch. we really need to set up a basic FTP. i will have some space avalible for small downloads (under 10MB each) once i get off my ass and build the server

give me other than to 3d downloads, fileplanet or any of that wait in line or pay stuff

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Sephiroth said:

why should i wait 50 minutes to download a 430k files!

Better than having to constantly click the link and getting a "too many users" message (or simply a 404), for that same 50 minutes, don't you think?

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fodders said:

there read the readme and run phase_2

That's the pirate patch... I wouldn't offer that here.

And indeed 3ddownloads pretty much sucks; but of course it's not necessary to use it for stuff id Software released themselves (such as the patches for the game versions.) The idgames Archive at 3D Gamers mirrors the idstuff directory, which is the (public) depository id's released stuff (even for their newer games.) This idstuff directory is hosted on ftp.idsoftware.com.

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