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apologies, advice taken

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Right, I'm making a new thread here because I metaphorically had my wrists slapped for dragging up an old topic :)

So, once again, here is my rendition of the classic Doom Imp. I'm quite dissapointed with the scan, a lot of the ultra fine detail has been missed out, and overall the picture looks quite pasty. The original is a lot darker, much more detailed and has a greater feel of depth. But anyway, enjoy, hope you like it.

(I have had requests to re-scan the image to show it in it's full potential, but the scanner I have isn't up to the job (it's a Lexmark X83 printer/scanner). So for now this version will have to do...sorry.)


http://www.planetdoom.com/image.asp?images/fanart/mickimp.jpgsic DooM imp.

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Looks amazing, great job on the anatomy! Get your ass to a kinko's if you need a better scan.

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