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KDX and slige

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well when i use KDX everthing works great, except one thing. wadfactory. when i select "level criteria" and select say sunrooms or anything else and then run slige it seems to be caught in an endless loop.

anyway to fix this??

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You can either just keep trying, or you might try the "new" slige exe from the doom wad station.

My Sun rooms bat looks like this:

D:\slige\slige.exe -doom2 -nocustom -config gbsNoMil.cfg > sunroom.txt
find /i "sunrooms" sunroom.txt
if errorlevel 1 goto start
bsp.exe slige.out sunroom.wad

It does work but sometimes you have to restart several times to get it done. It still should make a level inside of a minute or two.

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pritch said:

Yeah I get that with specific criteria.

Where's the King when you need him.

The king is dead, long live the king.

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Woolie Wool is not the king, King REoL is. Gherkin s(?)banned him from DC for being a "malicious user".

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