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Picture this:

I'm taking level 1, level 7, and level 32 and interchanging them in the same level. I've edited the tags and such so none of that get screwed up.

I want to make a hallway to go from area to area, but each time I do that, when I test it with zdoom, (I dont know how to explain this so bear with me...) when I back into the hall from say, the doubleshot gun room of level one(you know the room just past the chaingun) the floor and ceiling textures of that room never seem to end. its an infinate blue floor and white ceiling.

If you dont know what I'm talking about, I'll post a screenshot.

Also be aware that I'm a newbie so that could explain a lot:)

Any help would be apreciated.

Edit: Drat! Can't attach

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Check if all the lines are referencing the right sector. You can tell if they're not by highlighting a sector and seeing if some lines don't get highlighted.

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Well I figured out how to COMBINE two rooms and not have that problem, I used DEEPsea(I LOVE THAT EDITOR!)

One all around WAD question:

Does anyone recall a custom level somewhere out there that involved a huge long hallway with cyber demons trapped in 'cages' like a prison only to fire at you as you crossed it? Kinda like in zelda link to the past with the eye beams. Anyways I want to recreate that effect but I can't seem to get it right.

You guys are awesome, thanks!

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