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new hi-res texture stuff

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Quick update, 0.75 will have support for loading hires textures from wadfiles.

There's a few hoops to jump through, but they're very simple hoops :) You just have to remap a texture name to a lump (using the HIRESTEX lump). The format is simple, it's just the original name, then the lump name.


will remap the texture "GRASS1" to the lump "HR_GRSS1", which also happens to contain the hires PNG version of it. The nice side-effect from this is that you can easily load pretty much any format OpenIL supports this way (.png, .jpg, .psd, .dds, .pcx, etc). Only TIFF files aren't supported, due to them not loading from memory properly for some reason (OpenIL limitation). Of course, the other limitation is the 8 character limit for lump names.

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Yeah, and ZDoomGL also supports ZDoom-style hires textures. I'm talking about importing actual hires images (say, from the Doom2 retexturing project) directly into the wad without converting it to the Doom format first, so it stays in it's full 16/24/32 bit glory.

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I think its best for map authors who want to have 32 bit images without having to have a whole lot of png files attached to a wad. Can be very useful for skies where banding and blurring is common.

Also, any custom textures that suffer badly from the doom palette can have an alias texture for GL mode; It doesnt even need to be 24 bit, an optimised 8 bit palette for the image is usually enough.

Its all good.

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Timmie, did you change something basic in the last few releases?

I was running XTHEATERIII with ZDOOM hires textures and it takes forever to load (not the BSP step, after that, seems close to a minute or so), then it stumbles while playing the level and can take several seconds to continue while I'm assuming more textures are being loaded.

I'm positive this was not a problem before.

Also did you know that the Y offset code in ZDOOMGL is different from ZDOOM? One of you is wrong:) Look at the outside 2 pillars. There's also a visible seam on the outside sloped area.

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