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Final Doom - which Jovian moon(s)?

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Well, most of you have probably heard of NASA crashing the Galileo space probe into Jupiter on purpose. This reminded to me create this topic - on which moon(s) do you think Final Doom took place?

I'm assuming it's one of the four important Jovian moons, Io, Callisto, Ganymede, and Europa. Of course, Doom is just a game and far from real-life, but I thought this discussion would be fun. :)

I would guess it's Ganymede and/or Callisto. Why?

Io is full of lava and volcanoes, and Europa is an icy watery world. On the other hand, Callisto and Ganymede seem like rocky worlds, like in Final Doom.

BTW, you play Doom too much, when...

Right before the Galileo crashed, you hacked into its systems and caused it to send screenshots from The Lost Episodes of Doom.

You use a supercomputer to calculate optimal runs in Doom.

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It doesn't matter much to me, but if I put in the same research, I'd probably go with your two choices.

This only applies for Evilution, as Plutonia is never given an exact location. The story says a UAC complex, but the levels don't even reflect that, so it's safe to assume it was just filler (not that it mattered, given the style of the wad). Use the imagination for that one, but I'd just say it was on Earth.

EDIT: There's also the matter of the Egyptian and Caribbean secret levels for TNT, but whatever, it's just a game. :)

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Evilution takes place on one of Jupiter's moons that is being attacked by a demonic spacecraft.

Plutonia takes place on Earth. The teleporters you are travelling with are the entry points of a gigantic accelerator cirquit that is big enough to span the entire globe.

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5hfifty said:

The inner recesses of the goatse's ass and Egypt.

I can't belive you used both of those in the same sentence. God forbit if you insult Greece too. :P

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LOL, not even episode II in the Lost Episodes looks like Io... Io is supposed to be full of volcanoes and lava...

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Tobester said:

uac space shuttle?

what level?

Probably "Wormhole", the one where you enter a teleporter in some tunnels, nothing apparently happens till you get back out of the tunnels and it's like a "parallel universe", with the bodies of what you killed still there, along with more bad guys.

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Galileo was running out of propellant to properly point itself back to Earth in order to beam back the info, and it was suffering some serious wear-and-tear from the massive amounts of radiation around Jupiter, magnetic and otherwise.

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And they did not want to contaminate Europa with Earth bacteria, since it may hinder future research.

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