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The Taste Of Revenge (fanfic)

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i don't much like fanfic of any kind but figured i may as well write something i have an audience for. so here goes.

The Taste Of Revenge

The hallway was grimy, the walls lined with demon shit, radioactive sludge, some oil and probably even the decomposing remains of one of the former residents. That much Greg could tell without even having to open his eyes. Being here was not what he had expected four months earlier when he'd signed up to join the Legion. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized he had to be here. His home had been ravaged, his whole world ruined in the onslaught. His children were butchered, his poor wife's body pillaged by savages, both before and after she could offer a resistance.

Yes, he knew what he had to do, and he knew just how to do it. Opening his eyes and assessing the situation, Greg found the wasteland was far too much for him to bear. This putrid wasteland where his comrades had been slaughtered without mercy, blown to chunks only to service a terrible mind's will. He closed his eyes to shield himself from the pain. A quiet but unmistakable creaking quickly interrupted him and he tensed up. He raised his lids and turned around... just a rat. It had found something Greg hadn't noticed earlier. Brain matter, it looked like. One of his squad. Greg started to tear up. But his sadness was accompanied but an emotion he hadn't felt in some time-- rage. Hatred. Pacing around, he knew he would have his revenge. The Legion had trained him well, but until now he hadn't overcome his fear long enough to truly gauge his response. Finally taking the initiative, Greg impaled the rat on a shoulder spike. Far better than the rations the Legion had been giving him. Setting off in the vague direction the Gateway complex, his passage to Earth, Greg grinned. It was time to satisfy his appetite for vengeance.

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engineer said:

I like it. It might not be Impse, but it sure kicks ass.

actually if look very closely you might even find that too.

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5hfifty said:

One day the Doom guy had sex with an imp.

That pretty much sums it up. You get Good place. Ding!

About the story... It could be a little longer. I like the direction it's heading, though. Thes tory of an imp out for Blood! I mean, Moreso than usual! I like it. Not last place. Ding!

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