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OMG birthday

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congrats. don't go too heavy on the booze.

Fredrik said:

Over here they start at 0:00, or the second after 23:59:59.

they do here too, doomboy is just confused.

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sargebaldy said:

yes, but you were still officially 21 at 0:00, just not technically.

Yeah, that's what I meant, of course.

Btw, congrats Doomboy! :)

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Congrats, little one. Oh wait, you're like two years older than me. Anyway, I know you're a pretty sober guy, but fuck it - have a few beers and enjoy yourself tonight. I know I will.

/looks at half-empty bag of Doritos and d:\c\flathead\pr0n directory (4.3 GB)

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Ichor said:


Immense image.

Happy 21st Dewmboy. Mine in 6 months o_O

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It's that day again already? Wow.
Happy Dee Dappy Birthday DooMBoy. :D
I'd buy you something but my friend's birthday is tomarrow so I gotta get him something. ;) :P
Have a great birthday though. :D

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