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re Doom II mac updater

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Hello Everyone!.

I think I may have posted this in the private vessage box by mistake. I'm eew here. sorry.

My question is this. I have an old version of Doom II for the Macx. it is v. 1.0.2. I haven't played it in years, but now I'm getting interested in it again. There used to be a utility which updated v.1.0.2 to v. 1.0.3, and I've search EDE site and google and can't find it. I need this updater in order to run Doominator.

Any help anyone can give to help me find it would be much appreciated!

Thanks, and Regards,


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And anyway, you can find this patch at the Patches section here at Doomworld.

BTW, are you they guy who emailed me? You were talking about a MacDoom v1.3 then.

And yes, please post your question in one forum only! :)

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