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Another Arch-Vile Drawing, Same I idea but..

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I was bored today, so I decided to do another DOOMII drawing out of boredom, yes of course it's the arch-vil but he/she/it o.o, looks abit different. Tell me what you think :)? ( I really hate the legs
:( )


oh yeah and here, this one isn't by me at all but I found it. It's a remixed version of a mancubus with a new design, :P those of you who use DA, i'm pretty sure the artist would be glad to have a few more comments 8D (Hope I don't sound demanding, lol, it's only a suggestion)


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Nice archie. :)

Oh, and that's Spike's mancubus. He was a regular here until real life(tm) stole him from us. :P

Damn you world. Damn you.

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That's archvile is pretty good, though the toes are the only complaint (or critique, I should say)... just seems really weird compared to the rest. The mancubus on the other hand, I know I've seen it somewhere before. It was the guy working on the Underworld megawad (which unfortunately was cancelled, but the first 10 levels are available).

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Looks like he's pointing at some demon and going "YOU! Quit dyin' fer hell's sake!" Oh, and I really hate the legs too. They just ain't Arch-like. Mancubus like, maybe. But not archlike. Archies are generally thin things that look like Doomguy can rip them in half when he's a man and a half... a BERSERKER packin' man and a half.

I like it. Not last place. Ding!

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Little Faith said:

I get a 403 forbidden error.

I also get this same error with the link to the arch pic, but the mancubus pic link works just fine.

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SpiritBlade-Inc said:

I deleted it then resubmitted abit of a fixed up version, you'll have to go to the main page then look at it, sorry for the inconvience :(

Exactly how am I going to do that? I don't know your Deviantart nick.

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That's my Deviant art Nickname, -sighs- I'm gonna have to rescan it
so that it's that it's magnification is proper so you can see all the detail n stuff with out itbeing to big for the screen

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