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new hampshire tapped to become 'free state'

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Ichor said:

It's 75°F here.

And 40 here. More like -20 in an open trike. Brr.

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ravage said:

Crashes are even more deadly without seatbelts, people will abuse narijuana no matter if it's legal or not, gambling breeds greed which breeds polititians which breeds corruption which leads to the dallas cowboys. :P

always hated that team, and i aint even into footbal one bit!

though it is more of a so called 'moral' issue with gambling. however it can generate alot of cash for the goverment though taxes.

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Sephiroth said:

however it can generate alot of cash for the goverment though taxes.

Yeah but these guys don't want any taxes :P

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Heh, there are some jerkwads that dont want the Public Transportation initiative to pass, and they have these big signs that say 'SAY NO TO TAXES' and whenever I see one, it looks at firs like it says 'SAY NO TO TEXAS'. First time I saw that I was like "YES! Thats awesome! Er, wait...". Stuff.

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In a perfect world cars would be illegal in cities and everyone would take public transportation. The high usage and demand would create a system that's really big and convenient. That, and the lack of cars would make it faster anyway. Only thing I can't figure out in that case is how to do big shopping trips. It would be tricky.

Controlling guns keeps the average Joe-Bob from shooting people when he has a random fit. Most people wouldn't carry guns if they were illegal and it might be harder for killers to get them. Of course anyone who wants to kill is going to do it anyway, but there would be a lot fewer random gun deaths by accident or 2nd degree murder. All that said, guns ARE damn fun to shoot at stuff with. DIE OLD TV DIE!!!

Suicide should be legal and easy to get as a service so people aren't making nasty messes of themselves trying. Companies could set up $100 suicide shops where you get a nice easy lethal injection.

Taxes are great if they're used responsibly. It's when they're used to repair the same rich people sidewalk every year that pisses me off.

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