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un censored???

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i need the RTCW executable for linux that is not censored.

i have tried 3 downloads and all i got was the censored german and austrailian versions.

NOTE: this is NOT aksing for warez! i own the game and the main pak files. i am asking for the port executable. like asking for zdoom.

anyone know anysites that have it for downlaod and that is the AMERICAN version! also dont give me those ftp links leading to the wait in line deal

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well it seems either something is up with my system or that there is NO uncensored version.

things it does.
in start screen nazi flag is 'greyed' out
geman uniforms dont show up, or are 'missing' parts. some are just gone altogether others are 'greyed' out.
in game swastika flags are also 'greyed out

posters on the walls, not all, only german ones are greyed out.

lists/clip boreds are greyed over. u can still see them and their contents but they are difficult to read.

seeing that it only 'targets' the german/nazi stuff i think this a censorship device in this port.

i need the uncensored version. because this is really lame.

the last download was from a so called american site

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I think somebody at id read your stupid sig and to this measure...

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