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DWFDM Wad Delay

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Hahahah, anyone who's chatted with me recently has noticed my typing has been getting progressively worse and worse. I usually just said, 'Fuck, I think my keyboard has AIDS or something' and wrote it off. Well... not anymore.

This damn thing has gone to hell. Its almost completely unreliable now. It will work one hour and the next one just go totally haywire. The damn thing is old; I guess its time to put it out to pasture.

Anyway, I was out today, looking for a solo copy of Norton Disk Doctor (and only finding expensive bundles), when I noticed a Microsoft Intellimouse. One of them laser doodads with five buttons of orgasmic glory. Bah, I bought the damn thing. So now I have to relearn actual mouse use for a while since I've been using a trackball for so long.

Unfortunately (for everyone who has to watch), I guess this means I'm also out of excuses for not doing any speedruns.

I also saw a Microsoft Internet keyboard for another fifty bucks. The thing that caught my eye of it is that I could spend $20 on any cheeseass keyboard but none of them would give me a few USB ports on the back. I have my scanner in a laundry basket right now since I'm out of ports. The cheapest USB Hub I saw around here is $40 and requires it's own power supply too.

Fuck that.

You can ask Dashiva, the LAST fucking thing I have spare around here would be power plugs. =P

So all in all going the MS keyboard route would let me have everything plugged in at once, plus provide me with the convenience of having a few ports within easy reach (and not on the taint of the case).

I just hope having a gamepad and a mouse plugged into the keyboard doesn't equal me having a Macintosh. No, the mouse has too many buttons and isn't shaped like a hockey puck so I should be all right. Now I have a use for that Max Payne complimentary mouse pad... if only I even needed to use it.

In another boring development, I have decided to quit smoking. Again. The difference is this time I'm going to do it eventually. I've switched to Winstons, which are a much easier brand to quit from. I know roughly a dozen people that quit through changing to Winstons so I'm going to quit in a nice relaxed fashion. Here's to quitting in 2012! =)

Let's see, oh yeah. I did start the level I sorta promised I would do this weekend but I didn't get very far in it. Everything has sorta gone to hell around here and I don't have the deep, deep concentration needed for one of my shitass levels.

That and I can't quit playing Hexen, Goddamn all these polls about it.

In another bit of quite disturbingly boring news, I'm a little elated as of the moment. There was this one motherfucker of a teacher I had in High School. I hated the cunt. There were about four times I came within a hair's length of knocking the piss out of him. Fucking Nazi. Anyway, I just found out that someone took a knife to him in school. Unfortunately he didn't actually get killed, per se, not even hurt, but its quite refreshing to hear when one of your enemies gets what's coming to him.

That insipid fuck. Given the situation that poor Jamacian dude was put into I would've done more than just threaten him, that's for fuck sure, that duckcunt would've needed an ambulance and a couple of blood doners. Grr.

So yeah, this nifty idea I just came up with went to hell so I'm not going to be able to release any level for a week or fourteen or so. Of course, if anyone wants to pre-empt me and throw out a level and just get the basic premise going feel free, I think it'd be fun to do.

Yeah, fun. That's why it doesn't bother me that I can't get mine out. My levels aren't that fun anyway I hear...

The sad thing is the people that could make really fucking amazing levels won't get into this, I think, because they don't want to change their levels based on any whims of other people.


Of course, ZDoom v1.23b24's bugass particle system sorta has me on edge with Doom editing at the moment... the one really cool thing I wanted to do doesn't look right. =(

You buying this? Not enough excuses? Well..... um, fuck it. Its not going to happen right now, not from me anyway. It is still a valid idea that anyone can do and have some fun with.

Also, to keep this out of Thread Purgatory or whatever I have to say to avoid automatic deletion, who do you prefer to use in Hexen?

Me? Baratus of course. I just beat it in one day on Skill 4 in the middle of the week for the hell of it. =)

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what about the PS2 or serial connection on the back of your computer. many people today think it is a crime to use a serial or PS2 port becasue of the age, well PS2 is not that old. USB is great but not every thing u get has to use it. my keyboard uses the PS2 connection and my mouse, an intellimouse, uses the USB. also how much did u spend for this mouse, i spent about $20 on mine about a year ago. i see them for 50 still. also i would never pay 50 for a keyboard, 30 is even somewhat high and it better have lots of cool stuff.

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I have nothing against PS2 ports except that they draw their power from the CPU. I'm pretty sure it doesn't make a difference but hey, what the hell. =)

Yeah I paid $50 for mine. Another store was selling them for about $60. A month ago they were on sale for $30, my dumbass should've gotten one then.

$50 isn't too much for a keyboard when I'm using it as a USB hub too.

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Hey fod. I clicked on your link. It said nothing in there about crack. deadnail was talking about smoking crack. That switching to Winstons bit was just code talk. Nobody except other drug addicts would know about that.

Errrr. Wait a sec. I think I just slipped up... Aw fuck it :P

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Zyban would be a pretty good choice. Take the drug, keep smoking, keep taking the drug, quit smoking, have nightmares about being fucked in the ass by a forty foot tall inflatable gorilla, keep taking the drug, another few weeks and you're done.

Sounds pretty good. Beats the hell out of those patches. I'll be damned if I'm going to shave off some area of my body just to stick on a sticker. I like myself hairy, this way I can't slide across a greasy floor if I slip. =P

Oh and Stphrz, I forgot to tell you. The Captain and I both think that Operation FUBAR is a no-go. That's right. So you need to gather BigBadGangsta, fraggle` and prower and meet me behind the 4th street lamp on Sycamore street. I just need some fingerprints. Don't worry, everything's gonna be alllllll right.

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I will tell you if it works in 8 days, just started taking it 3 days ago, 35 years of smoking, let's see if this works

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YAY NO FAGS FOR EITHER OF OUR LIPS! Its better than having Nicotrel stomping the shit out of me.

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Yay, the Return of deadnail's daily life posts!!!!

I've been missing these. Too bad it's just an excuse... :\

Mmmh, you should get in trouble more often...

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What you fuckers actually liked reading my stupid ass posts? If I had any common sense I would've been making these on my own damn website journal but no, oh no, I've got to whimper my misgivings to a bunch of unsuspecting Doomers.

OW FUCK my eyes! Goddamn this mouse! I suppose it might come in handy. Now what I need is a keyboard that lights up. Yeah.

BTW Fod, you know that America's first big cash crop was tobacco? We still make most of the smokes in the world. So the next time some asshole foreign country goes on and on about we're not going to get our oil until we let them make gigantic bombs aimed at Jews and Christians, well, let's just cut off their supply of Camels. =)

It's peaceful this way, well, until they start fiending and smoke some of those nasty assed European smokes. Christ those things are bad, they taste like newspaper (not that I ever rolled anything in newspaper before). Heya Fod, what do you smoke (and are trying to break from it's evil clutches)?

I usually smoke Marlboros. Mmmm, cowboy killers.

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Holy Christ!!! English fags??? YECH!!!

I just paid $11.50 for a 3 pack of 20's. =)

Spending $30 a week for a carton is SO lame. Well, not a whole carton a week. I do about 18 fags a day. My mouth gets sticky from it. So I guess some weeks, every while or so, I go without buying a bundle of fags. Doesn't seem like it to me, though. =)

Fuck, sometimes I spend over $100 on cigarettes. I mean, FUCK, over the last couple of years I could've really been assembling some heavy duty gaming rigs.

Something's wrong when you're wearing a Marlboro jacket and realize you had to smoke almost 20,000 cigarettes to get it. =/

Do let me know about the Zyban, would you? Thanks, dear.

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