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It's time once again for me to post a Doom poem. This one is inspired by a sound effect any Doomer has heard countless times.

Deep within the haunted halls,
I search for the escape.
The first zombie falls.
They know I'm here.

There is something growling,
The devil spawn are prowling.
A mouth that longs for flesh
Emits a malevolent growling.

I fire twice into the dark.
Thorny forms crumple to the ground.
The room is secured.
But I still hear the sound.

There is something growling.
I check my weapon, scowling.
I have no bullets left,
And still I hear the growling.

The sound is coming closer.
I rush towards a hidden ammo pack.
Sulfurous breath reaches my nose.
Something sharp digs into my back.

There is something growling.
I twist in pain, howling.
My weapon falls to the floor.
The last thing I hear is growling.

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Janderson said:

EDIT: Is this for,like, national poetry day?

Nope, I wasn't even aware there was one. I do these from time to time, here are my previous ones:

Soul Sphere
Rotten Maps' Anthem

Since I'm no good at fanfic writing, and my drawing skill is mediocre at best, this is how I put my Doom related creativity to use. I do maps too but they have a tendency to not get finished. Something I have to work on, I suppose.

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