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MoHIH Musix

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I've come up with a list of music for use with MOHIH when it gets out.

Go to http://www.doom2.net/~elbryan/ to get the musics I'm talking about.

"Episode 1"

Map01 : Fistula ; PSX Map01 : Hangar
Map02 : Canyon ; PSX Map04 : Command Control
Map03 : Pit ; PSX Map05 : Phobos Lab
Map04 : Limbo ; PSX Map17 : Hell Keep
Map05 : Halo ; PSX Map22 : Limbo
Map06 : Infinity ; PSX Map24 : Hell Beneath
Map07 : Anomaly ; N64 Map03 : Main Engineering
Map08 : Heat ; N64 Map06 : Alpha Quadrant
Map09 : Elements ; N64 Map08 : Final Outpost
Map10 : Combine ; N64 Map09 : Even Simpler
Map11 : Inferno ; N64 Map12 : Altar of Pain
Map12 : Attack ; N64 Map13 : Dark Entries
Map13 : Paradox ; N64 Map14 : Eye of the Storm

Playlist repeats...

Map20 : My own...eMail me to get it :P

Map99 : Also my own.
Map100: My own again.
Map66 : Same as Map20.
Finale : My own again agin again.

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