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Doom64 TC version 2.2.1 released

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looks like its time to waste more space with this topic again

bah, anyways this is the VERY last update before I start on the addon episode for Doom64 TC.

get it here

I forgot to mention: You MUST have version 2.1.9 before updating. First download the 2.1.9 patch here then after you patch to version 2.1.9, then get the 2.2.1 patch...

if you have a version below version 2.1.8 or 2.1.7, then you will have to download the entire package again.

Here is whats new for version 2.2.1


- Removed a couple of XG scripts regarding to spawning features
- Removed some unstable XG scripts in map03
+ Added the linedef guy - thing number 88, use this thing on scrolling floors to trigger multible lines (similar to
BOOM player voodoo dolls, also hidden in full automap cheat).
+ Added the very effective spawning system. Linedef # 991. Use this like a regular teleport tag. Set the line
to tag a sector, and place any thing between 7575 to 7630. A list of the things can be found in doom64.opt
(used for Deepsea).
+ Doom64.opt has been updated ONLY. I plan to update the Doom Builder configuration files soon.
+ Fixed a VERY annoying bug where the player is able to use the monster as a stepping platform when the
thing goes into its deathstate. Monster is completly impassible until lying still.
+ Added a new linetype W1 fast ceiling move to floor. Linedef # 992.
+ Updated Map10
+ Updated Map11
+ Updated Map05
+ Updated Map16
+ Updated Map24
+ Special Keys have unique colors when seen in the automap

Note about 991, this is totally easy to use, like using teleport triggers, instead of using thing #14, you use anything between 7575 to 7630, each one spawns a different thing. For example, thing 7575 spawns a shotgun while thing 7630 spawns a yellow skull key. A list of things is in Doom64.opt which is used for Deepsea.

Also, map03 demostrates that it is possible to make scripts without using xg. (again inspired by Boom :P)

if any problems show up, please let me know.


btw, if you decide to download the whole insaller, please download the one from the fourwind server. The other two servers still have an older version.

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I have a problem.

In the last level "The Absolution", I found that when I wanted to stop one teleporter from working the game crashed. I got the key that stops the teleporter, so I go up and open the door, and when I hit the switch inside It tells me that there is an error (ZONEID).

Any ideas?

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OK well that kinda fixed it but now after awhile monsters stop comming out and I just kinda sit there doing nothing.

I think what happened was that when I closed off one gate, the monsters kept spawning.. since I can't kill them, the game doesn't initate the next volley of guys.

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here's the last update I hope I will see
sorry to keep bringing this thread up.



+ Fixed Map03 scripts again
+ Fixed Map30 gate issues
+ Map01 spawn script fixed
+ Monsters cannot trigger lines anymore

you MUST have version 2.2.1 before updating to 2.2.2

if you do not know what version you are using, or have version below 2.1.8, then please let me know.


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Ya just gotta hate the problems Doom can present, but you can always learn from trial and error.

Once I get my computer fixed, I'll download all these patches and such. BTW is the DOOM 64 TC it's own Source Port or does it run off another?

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well, the TC is based of of Skyjake's Doomsday engine, which of course is a source port. I have plans on adding a custom build of Doomsday once Skyjake implents a feature that will allow total control on glowing sectors (which is the main star of Doom64), but not really sure if he will ever do this.

If this happens, then Doom64 will be a game itself rather than an addon, and will be uploaded to 3dgamer archives.

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