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Phobos Rebuild - renamed, new maps added

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Maybe some of you remember, that lil' ellmo tried to make his own megawad, or wadpack for ZDoom which was named "Doom: Phobos Rebuild". I can tell you the project is not dead and it's moving forward (slowly, but moving). There are a few changes I want to announce.

1. The project name has changed, it's "DooM: Moons of Mars" now, if anyone thinks that I changed it for worse... Please tell me ASAP.
2. I'm currently uploading two new maps, and screenies for them to the DooM:MoM site, so you might be able to download them ant test them (and of coz post any replies here.)
3. I've used Phobos Terminal map in the project. Funny thing is, that it was firstly done for this project, and after finishing it I gave it also to the "Doom:Enigma" crew (who might be not completely fond of this); but the original Phobos Terminal is there in DooM:MoM (still it's my own map, so I think It does not harm anyone)

Anyways feel free to enter my "homepage" link.

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Plenty of "your mom" jokes can be made out of the new acronym. Maybe you should make it DooM: Moons of War or something.

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I guess it's postponed for a while. I think I'll make some more maps for DooM:MoM (or Phobos rebuild, if you really think the name is a bit strange)

And what do you think of the "Parallel World" in Phobos Terminal and Train Depot? I put some work into it, and I'll be putting new monster types just for the needs of the Parallel. But I still don't know - is it worth the work?

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