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Remilia Scarlet

First RTS game

Every play Herzog Zwei?  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Every play Herzog Zwei?

    • Yes, and it is a remarkable game!
    • No, but I want to.
    • No, can\'t find it
    • No. Period.

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Just wondering how many of you have played what's considered the first RTS game, Herzog Zwei, and what you thought of it. It was a Genesis game by Technosoft released in 1991 (and (C) 1988 or 89).

I personally love the game! I still play it often just to kick the computers ass (or get kicked my ass kicked by it sometimes). The coolest thing about it is that you actually are a unit in the game. You aren't just a "commander" or "god" playing by ordering units. You do this, yes, but you are also a unit yourself. You won't do too much fighting yourself (you can, but not necessary), but enough to differ it from other RTS games.

And, imo, it has more strategy and is balanced more than StarCraft or WarCraft3 (or any other newer RTS game).

More info here (from best to worse):
There's a Game of the Week at Classicgaming (can't provide url, has rom link in it).

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Very cool, but this should probably be a blog. Second, the Classicgaming link has roms available on it. You should probably remove it.

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I've never played it, but I've heard of it several times before and really should try it out sometime.

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Isn't Roman Herzog some German political leader? Like the chancelor or something?

Anyway, I always thought M.U.L.E. was the original strategy game.

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My favorite RTS game is Ogre Battle by far. I still play it sometimes on an emulator.

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Hirogen2 said:


And yes, Roman Herzog was some minister, but not the chancellor.

Ah, okay.

Heh...Ogre Battle wasnt really an RTS either. It kind of started its own genre that you can really only find in a few console games like Final Fantasy: Tactics and Ogre Battle. It's like an RPG/wargame (like Warhammer) crossbreed. With that said, Ogre Battle is also one of the few console titles I really like.

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