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My ZDoom Map

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In this thread over at the ZDoom forums, I have uploaded my wad. The thread explains it all. (please don't spam me with the evil tag) :P


any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

EDIT: CRAP the forums are down...hmm well ill just have to upload it to a site...just a second

EDIT2: Go to the link in my name, "DOOM WAD STATION WAD PAGE." I have uploaded it a link in the news panel area. :D

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ok, just go to my site(doom wad station wad).
I put them in a zip, cuz im lazy :P
here is a link to the zip, hope it works :P

geocities.com/doomster2002/screenshots.zip]Click here

EDIT: Son of a bitch...i hate geocities :P

oh well just go here:

geocities.com/doomster2002/index.html] Click Here

EDIT2: they are in the left control panel thingy, it says "My wad" under the box that says screenshots. Click there.

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