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Naked Snake

Super Shotgun

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You see it. A double barrel shotgun, sitting on a workbench, right next to a hacksaw. Hmm. A double barrel shotgun could come in handy and with the hacksaw you can saw off the barrels and the stock to make it shorter. You walk carefully, but somehow, you trip a detector and the lights go off and Imps are teleported in. You check your shotgun as you duck behind a crate. Shit! Only 6 shells. 10 Imps growl. An Imp walks around the corner. It pulls its hand back and tosses a fireball. You duck and shoot upwards, blowing brains and gore out the top of the monsters head. You cock the shotgun and rush out blasting, killing three losing all six shells. Damn. No ammo for your pistol or your minigun. You hold the shotgun like a baseball bat and swing. You hit an Imp in the head with it, sending blood and teeth from its massive mouth. Another down. 6 to go. You rush again running for the DBS. You get scratched. You ignore the sharp pain and the bleeding. You raise the shotgun and pull both triggers. 4 down, bleeding and convusling. 2 left. One is smart and runs for cover. The other is dumb and stays there. You fire the first barrel knocking the Imp down, a moment later, it is dead. The last one reaches its arm around the corner and tosses a fireball at you. It hits you on the chest. The armor sizzles and you fire, knocking its arm off. It falls forth and you pull the triggers. *CLICK*. Fuck. Empty. You walk over and start bashing its head. After it dies you go back to the bench and cut off the barrels and stock. Now its time to search for ammo...

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bigbadgangsta: Cool story. Now do one about the good 'ole Plasma Rifle.
Ralphis: This getting fucking annoying. If you really love Zaldron, go rent a hotel room, and perform some Bedroom Gymnastics on him. Just don't go about saying that you love him all the forums anymore. Please.

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