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looking for a wad

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i'm looking for a certain wad made by erik alm about a year ago. it was a modification of the first level of scythe.wad for deathmatch.

if you don't remember the original level, here is a screenshot in game:

and looking at it in wadauthor:

i'm pretty sure this level was never released, but if anyone has it, please tell me as soon as possible :)

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I have it.

Edit: Wait, I don't. Well, I know he sent me it some months back.

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Contact Erik himself. Haven't seen him on the forums lately so an email might help. I mean, if you're looking for a wad an author hasn't really realeased you should ask him, not beta-testers or whoever.

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erik sent me the wad a while ago, but unfortunately i lost it. i asked him if he still had it, and he said that he didn't, but to ask fyre[os]. fyre sent me two of his wads but neither of them was the one that i wanted.

so i was hoping someone else might have it.

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