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Silent Hell Chapter 2: Darkness

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Greetings again, it's me Test-0. I just finished writing the rest of chapter 2 of Silent Hell, so as per usual there might be some 'weird' spelling or grammer in it still, but oh well, I'll fix it up later. Anywho, I did post some of the chapter in a previous thread, but aparently no one wanted to even say anything about it. :P Hopefully people will at least say SOMETHING about the chapter now that it's finished. Storys aren't worth writing if all people do is read without heling out the writer with any ideas or coments about the story. But then again, I see a lot of really short less thought out storys get much more attention then some of the better ones, so maybe I should scrap this whole story and go with 'doomguy eats a doughnut'. :) Ok, before I start ranting on about how badly people treat some of the storys here (as in they ignore it completely for some reason), I'll just get to the chase and post chapter 2 of Silent Hell! :D (read and review damnit! ;)


The door opened, creaking slowly and painfully loud in the dark soundless hallway, Teiganus Dos peeking his head around the corner of the door. He shook his head and walked into the hallway squinting, trying to see down the hall attempting to see what was down it with only the little light that was streaming in through the door he held open. “Damn.”, he thought to himself, “No light. I’ll have to trust my own night vision until I can get some light...”, he looked around one last time and closed the door, bathing the hall in a mist of black. He stood there, listening for any kind of sound at all, anything that could be ready to strike at him while he was waiting for his eyes to get used to the lack of light. He heard nothing.

Slowly, his eyes began to perceive a long blackened hallway, about 40 feet long with four other doors dotting the walls. Two small doors were on the left wall, one almost next to him, while the other was about halfway down the hall. Another small door was at the end of the hallway, ominously darker then the rest of it’s surroundings. Teigan didn’t like the ‘feel’ of that door. The final door was a double door which sat next to the door down the hall. “What kind of building is this?”, he thought to himself as he turned his head to the side. Finally, his eye’s got used to the darkness, allowing him to make his way though the hall.

The floor made no sound as he walked, his running shoes silently creeping along without disturbing the area it stepped onto. Teigan sighed inwardly. If he was going to meet up with that person on the other side of the building, he was going to have to move faster and that meant making noise and opening doors he didn’t want to. Specifically the one down the hall. He jogged down the hall as quietly as he could, the floor now making slight clomping sounds as his feet hit it. While not very loud, the sound made Teigan worried. He didn’t have any weapons or armor and now he was rushing around making noise instead of stealthily creeping around.

He made it to the other side of the hall and gave a quick glance back, worried something might have opened one of the doors he passed. Nothing was there. He turned his attention to the door, his heart pounding louder and louder, his palms sweating, his eye’s darting around it looking for any signs of danger. While nothing seemed dangerous, something at the back of his head told him something was wrong about the door, or whatever was behind it. He clamped his left hand into a fist and with his right, reached slowly to the handle. The door it’s self was some kind of black metal with large thick bolts holding it together, the handle it’s self was the same kind of material, only slightly off in color, like it wasn’t actually part of the door’s original design. Finally, his hand met the handle and in one quick motion, he turned it and pushed on the door, only to make a loud clang sound as he hit the door in an attempt to open it. Locked. He chuckled to himself a bit, happy that he didn’t have to worry about the door any more. His brain jumped to life and he stopped moving as he heard something behind him. His head slowly turned and looked over his shoulder only to see the hall he had walked down before, empty. He turned all the way around, turning his head from side to side trying to hear any sound at all. Nothing. “Must... have been an echo.”, he thought to himself as he took a step toward the double doors. *squeeka squeeka* His heart skipped a beat as he heard some kind of squeaking sound near his feet. He jumped back and looked down, watching for something, anything at all that could have made the sound. It was then that he saw something move toward his foot. It was about the size of his palm, with what looked like antennae coming out of it’s head, making an almost mechanical squeaking sound as it moved. He sighed, “Just someone’s toy.”, and brought his foot in to kick the thing, only to have a sharp pain enter his body as the thing jumped at his foot, attacking it somehow.

Teigan yelped and fell back into the hallway, crashing to the floor loudly, punching at the thing that was still biting his foot. His fist knocked the thing off, sending it crashing into the door he had tried to open just a few seconds ago. He growled and got to his feet, stomping toward the creature as it made it’s way back to him, squeaking. He lifted his foot and offered it to the thing, which gladly leaped back at it for seconds. Only this time he was ready and with one quick move kicked the thing down to the floor and crushed it with his foot. He grinned, “Damn bug.”, he spat out and then snapped into reality as he realized just how much time he had wasted as well as how much sound he had just made. His body moved quickly toward the double doors, smashing them open as he rushed out into the next room. His eye’s darted around and spotted a door. He had to move quickly, so without more then a thought he ran to the door and opened it up, running down the hall he found before him. His brain started to move quickly as he rushed from door to door, attempting to get to the other side of the building without even stopping to see if there was anything hostile around in the rooms and halls he entered. His brain tried to stop him, but it was no use, his body was reacting on impulse, trying to get the hell out of this place.

Finally he slammed a door open an closed his eyes as light poured into them. He was at the other side! He took a step into the small room leading out, only to find his foot hit nothing! “SHIT!”, he exclaimed as he started to fall into the hole he found. For a second, Teigan didn’t quite know why he wasn’t falling anymore. He looked down into the pit below, a gray mist clouding how far below the ground was, if at all. He looked up, and found his arm grappled onto the broken concrete behind him. He sighed and grabbed the wall behind him with his other hand, turning himself around to face the wall, and then lift himself back up onto the ledge. His arm was killing him, the back of his head hurt, and he had to take a piss. Looking back at the door, he sighed. There was no way in hell he was going to make it across the room with the entire floor gone. He yelled out, “Hey! You there!?”

He mentally slapped himself for yelling out without thinking, but oh well. “You made it to the door! All right! I thought I had lost you!”, the voice sounded from the other side of the door. Teigan chuckled and said, “Well, there’s a little problem. There’s no floor in here, I can’t make it to the door without falling.”, he gestured his hand at the gaping hole before him as if whom ever it was on the other side of it could see. “...but I just left through there about fifteen minutes ago...”, the door on the other end of the room started to make noise as who ever it was tried to open it, “I can’t get the door open!”, “It’s... ok. I’ll find another door.”, “There isn’t any on this side of the building. You’d have to make your way to a different end of the store.”

Teigan perked up, “Store? This is a store?”, “Well, yeah. Didn’t you see the signs?”, “Um, well actually no. I must have entered though an emergency exit.” There was some silence and then the voice spoke again, this time with a sad tone in it’s voice, “I... I don’t want to be left alone here. Please, is there ANY way you can get to the door an open it?” Teigan looked around the room, seeing no other way to get across other then jump. Even if he did make the ten-foot jump, there was no way in hell he was going to open the door with him latched onto it, “No. I’m sorry but there’s no way I can make the jump. Even if I did, I would need the door to open easily.”, he sighed, “Look, it’s too dangerous just talking to each other like this. Make your way to somewhere safe and mark it with an at sign any way you can. I’ll try and find you as soon as I get out of here.”, there was a sniffing sound from behind the door and then an answer, “Ok. I’ll go hide somewhere. You... had better come find me.”, “I will. By the way, what’s your name kid?”, the voice stopped for a second and then said, “Alex. Alex Denver.”, “Nice to meet you Alex. Name’s Teigan.”, “Hello.”, the voice replied, a little less stressed. Teigan sighed, “Alright, go find some place to hide and mark it. I’ve gotta move before something finds me chatting with you.”, “Ok.”, Teigan turned, about to leave when he heard Alex say, “Oh yeah, do you have any kind of flashlight?”, “Well, now that you mention it, no.”, “Ok. About two rooms back from here I dropped one of my flashlights. It was still on when I ran away from some bugs that were chasing me. You may need it, so if you can get around the bugs you can have it.”, “You’re carrying a bunch of flashlights?”, “Yeah, well, I already had one but I found a bunch of them in one area of the store. I thought I would need more light so I grabbed a bunch.”, I nodded, “Smart. Never know when the battery on something will run...”, he stopped talking as he heard the radio in his pocket squawk to life, making strange distorted noises. His heart skipped a beat as he looked down the hall he had ran down to get there, but didn’t see anything. Then he realized. “Shit. Run!”, he yelled out to Alex who yelled, “Ahh! What the hell is THAT!?”, “RUN GOD DAMNIT!”, “Find me!”, Alex yelled to the door then ran off.

Teigan turned toward the door and made his way back into the hall, his heart beating faster and faster. “Shit. Damn it. I should have just told em to go and hide.”, he pounded his fist against the wall, cracking open a hole in it. His anger was quickly dissipated as he heard a familiar squeaking sound from the hole he just punched in. He looked over to the wall and then to the ceiling, as more and more squeaking sounds was heard. These bugs... they were crawling all over the inside of the walls and ceiling! Teigan sprinted down the hall as a variety of bug things started to pour their way out of the hole and along the walls and ceilings, quickly creeping toward him. His spine shivered and his heart raced as he ran as fast as he possibly could down the hall toward the door. In one quick motion, he opened, went though and slammed the door. He put his back to the door, sighing. He quickly looked at the door, but found no way for the bugs to get through. He was safe.

Or was he?

He felt something quickly grab his shoulder and with a great amount of force spun his eyes directly into a pair of red glowing eyes. Teigan was quick to respond by kicking out with his knee, knocking the thing away from him and in another quick trained blow, crashed the bottom of his palm directly onto the bottom of it’s jaw. The thing screeched and backed away, stepping into a beam of light Teigan hadn’t noticed the last time he had passed though the room. The creature brought it’s hand to it’s face, emitting a powerful screech of pain. The light highlighted every crevasse and fold in the brown leathery hide of the beast, ivory spikes extending out from it’s shoulders, chest and knees, as well as smaller less prominent spikes more randomly extended from it’s skin. It’s hand moved from it’s hairless head, it’s insectoid red eye’s flashing anger and fear at the same time, gaping maw of a mouth opened flaring it’s yellowed razor teeth. Wasting no time at all, Teigan quickly rushed in, attempting to kick the imp only to have his kick blocked and his balance lost as it grabbed his leg and threw him to the ground. Teigan coughed as the air was knocked out of his lungs, unable to regain his breath or move as he watched in horror as the monster before him extended it’s hand toward him, it’s gray claws clacked together creating a spark of light that quickly engulfed it’s hand in a ball of flame. A sinister smile spread across it’s face as it made a sound that could only be considered laughter as it swung it’s engulfed hand directly at Teigans face.

* * *

The world was a black void, without constant shape or form, just a mist that could not be touched or smelt. My senses were all gone. My body was lost in this void of a place, my mind the only thing left to accompany me, and it little to help me feel any better. I tried to think, how did I get here, why was I here, what happened... my mind stopped and settled on the last question, and it rolled around my head a few times, my hope growing each time for soon I might actually have an answer. Then I heard it, a thumping sound. A big, powerful thump as if a building was walking toward me. I tried to scream in terror at whatever was coming for me, but the nothingness stopped me from doing anything. I could finally feel my heart beat faster and faster, each thump getting more and more painful by the second till I could no longer stand it and wished for death. Suddenly the thumping sound stopped, my heart slowed back down and the horrible pain subsided. I tried my hardest to move, all my muscles finally responded and I threw myself from the darkness and into the light.

I stumbled forward and leaned my hand against the dirty wallpapered wall, gasping for breath I so desperately needed. My mind started to concentrate on my surroundings, my eye’s darting wildly around the dark room. Where am I? My mind sparked to life, reminding me of how I got here. There was some kid that needed help, I ran into this building to get to get past a large hole in the road, I ended up stuck in here, ran from some bug creatures and ran into a hellspawn.

“Shit.”, my head swung, looking around the room for any sign of the creature, but could only find devastation. Wait, there’s light in here... I scampered toward the light source I happened to be standing in, and found a small flashlight laying on the floor along the wall, covered in dirt. I took the light and angled the head to point forward, holding it somewhat like a handgun. As I passed the light around the room, my memory started to remind me of what happened. The ‘imp’ had knocked me to the floor and knocked the wind out of me. While I was disabled, the thing created a fireball in its hand and threw it at my face. But then there was a large explosion, as if the wall had been blown down. It must have thrown the fireball away, or moved me away from it, because I don’t remember getting hit. I shone the light on the wall that had been blown threw. No fire at all. Wait... it wasn’t an explosion...

I remember now. Some... thing smashed through the wall, sending me flying into the wall, knocking me out. I must have been covered in rubble, so whatever it was didn’t see me. But what about the imp? My light shone around the room a few times, but found no other sign that the fire-flinging freak was ever there. Suddenly I heard a thump sound from the new hole in the wall. I ran over to it, only to find it impossible to pass thought, the rubble was covering too much of the hole a little ways in, so I couldn’t fit though. But I could shine the light though and somewhat see what was on the other side. I angled the adjustable head of the light so it would fit through the small opening and shone it though a small crack I found, giving myself enough room to see as well. I saw a humanoid form, shuffling down a long hall, the light barely able to illuminate his back. Then another form, another humanoid, only this one had spikes coming out of its shoulders. It was the imp! I felt fear for the man who was about to get attacked by the imp and was about to yell out to him when the man stopped and in one quick move, swung his only arm at the imp, the force so great that the imp’s body buckled at the waist for only a split second before it completely snapped in half, it’s blood spattering all over the walls. Thats when I saw it’s face... What I thought to be a human was actually some deformed monster, it’s face half human flesh while the other half was demon. What I hadn’t seen in its shadow before was the horns that came out from its head and the size of this ‘man’. He... it was huge, at least seven feet tall, its entire body seemingly carved out of pure muscle. But the worst of it was its left and only eye. White round pupils surrounded by pure black... and it was looking right at the light. It breathed slowly and powerfully, the only part of it’s face that could move twisted into a growl, it’s mouth opened showing it’s gray teeth and rotten tongue as it emitted a horrible sound that caused the wall in front of it to crack at the very vibrations. My heart stopped beating and my throat closed up tightly, my fear greater then I have ever felt. I couldn’t move, think or even breath, it’s visage the only thing I could see though the cracks. Suddenly I fell back and scampered across the room into the opposite wall, the flashlight shining on the pile of rubble I expected to be broken through at any second.

Minutes passed as I sat unmoving at the wall, waiting for my impending doom. But it never came. Finally I shook my head and gathered my courage, crawling toward the rubble. Was it still there? I had to know, else the fear I felt would never go away. I reached the hole and stood up, walking toward the hole I had looked though before. Shining the light through again I expected to see that same face, waiting for me to return so it could reach though and rip my head off. But all I saw was a hall, one of the walls were covered in blood while the other was smashed though, the thing obviously crashed though creating it’s own doorway. But wait. I didn’t hear it smash though anything, not unless I was so afraid I never heard it...? No. I would have heard it. I must have imagined the thing, or saw it before and just remembered it as I looked though the hole. Yeah, that’s it. My heart finally resumed pumping blood to the rest of my body, my throat unlocked it’s self allowing me to breath easier. I decided that it would be a good idea to get the fuck away from this room, head back the entrance where I came in, and find another way though this building. A way that stayed as far away from this area as possible.

My hand lightly pushed on the door leading into the next room, getting ready for any sign of attack. I wasn’t gonna let ANOTHER hellspawn smack me around because of a stupid mistake. My newly acquired light, special thanks to Alex, shone though the doorway as I quickly scanned the room. A bunch of ripped open boxes and some rotting wooden shelves was all that greeted me. I sighed as I walked in. My mind was spinning over all that had happened to me. What was that thing that smashed that wall down? I know that hellspawn usually get into infighting quite a lot, but I’ve never seen one just all and out kill another without being attacked. What was up with this radio? I held the radio to me face and prodded it a few times, the light showing me nothing new about this little thing. I was sure it reacted to some of the things that attacked me, but why didn’t it go off when the imp attacked me, or when I saw that... thing? I should trust less in this stupid radio and more in my own senses, at least until I can figure out what causes it to make that static. I quickly looked over the opened boxes, but didn’t have much hope in finding anything within. Someone made sure nothing was left to be used, candy bar or shotgun. My light shone though the darkness, lighting up the room I had ran past before. Had I looked, I might not have been so surprised that this was a store.

Suddenly something in the corner of my eye moved. I stopped dead and spun the light toward whatever it was. My body jumped back from the sight, leaving my heart in place to smack against my ribcage. My light highlighted the body of... someone. They were strung to the wall by their own flesh, only without any sign that the skin had been torn or cut, the body it self featureless except for the form of a once living human being. The skin it’s self looked old and withered, but at the same time shiny and leathery. I had seen what the hellspawn could do; cutting the legs off of people and hanging them from the ceiling by their own bone, arms tied to each other while inside the body, heads twisted to terrible angles with spikes and other sharp objects stapling it in place on their equally contorted bodies, all while still alive. They liked to torture people so badly that death was more then welcome. But this... this was something else entirely... the body it’s self was bolted to a rusted metal frame that loosely hung from the wall as if it were just a portrait. I brought my hands to my eyes and rubbed them, only to open them and see a normal, if not old, wooden wall. I shone the light around the room once again and found everything to be normal. I looked down at my hands. They were shaking so badly I couldn’t stop them. I had to get out of this place.

I quickened my pace though the rooms and halls, hoping to and fro looking for any hostiles, but finding none. My pace stopped as I reached one of the rooms I had started by. Hung on the far wall was a map of the store, highlighting the back and storage areas and even a detailed blueprint of the store layout. I snatched the map up and looked on it for any other exits. A smile crossed my face as I spotted a route that led into the store area, as well as an easy way straight out once I got there. The smile faded, though, as I realized that the new path led right through the one door across the hall from where I had entered this place. The creepy door. I shivered as my mind pictured the door. Something was... off about that door. But if I wanted out of here, I would have to go though it. I straightened myself out and walked to the door, swinging it open and stepping into the hall, my light showing the rotted walls and ceilings like I had seen when I came in however long ago that was. Come to think of it, how long had I been in this store? Couldn’t have been more then half an hour or hour. For some reason, it felt a lot longer, as if days had passed since I walked down this very hall. I shrugged the feeling off and walked down the hall to the black metal door, my heart beating faster and faster as I approached. Suddenly, less then 3 meters away from the door the radio sparked to life, silently sputtering static. I looked down to my pocket and stuck hand into it, pulling out the radio again. The static sound started to get louder and louder and I could head shuffling from behind me. My eye’s bugged out and I turned to look behind me, the light shining across the hall and splashing onto the exit. I didn’t see it at first, but then it moved. A shadow like thing, something I would never have been able to see in the dark as it seemed to be made of shadows or something. The shape was about a foot and a half tall, humanoid, with a large head and stubby/chubby legs and arms. It stopped and slowly lifted its head to look at me, it’s face that of a baby. It didn’t look dangerous, but even with its innocent looking face, I knew that ‘thing’ was dangerous. I backed off, and it’s head turned to it’s side, puzzled for only a moment before it’s face turned into a sweet smile, that quickly changed again into a sinister smile, it’s mouth opened wide as a shadowy hand attempted to climb out, only to have the mouth close again and the hand be pulled back into it’s body. I slowly moved back toward the door as the ‘baby’ made a silent chuckle and started to make it’s way toward me. My back hit the door and for once I was glad to see the gray black metal, even though the hair at the back of my neck stood up because of it. I slowly moved my hand to the handle, lightly jiggling it attempting to open the door, only to find it lock as before. My hand returned to my front as the shadow made its way to me, my back pushing harder and harder on the door, until finally the creature was within spitting distance of me. It looked up at me again and clasped its hands closed, letting out a terrible inhuman screech that signed my death fro sure. I closed my eyes and backed my body against the door, knowing that this would be my death.

Thats when the door I was leaning on suddenly gave at its hinges and dropped back toward the floor. I readied myself to spring and run as soon as I hit the floor, but instead I just kept falling. I opened my eye’s only to be greeted by darkness, the feeling of air rushing past my body as I fell into some kind of pit. I creped to the edge of the door and shone my light downward, only to see a metallic floor rushing toward my face. I turned around and braced myself for impact.


Chapter 2, Darkness, over.

So anyways, hope you liked the chapter. I was hoping to make the chapter longer, but then it would have taken even longer to post it here and by that time the first chapter would fall off the face of the earth. :)

So, anywho, like I said before, read and review, otherwise I'll have to post a rant the size of this chapter. ;)

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Heh, it's pretty cool.

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Yay! It took a little while for someone to post a response. I was worried I would have to actually rant. ^^; Anywho, thanks for the responses. Any thoughts on any of the characters, interactions, ect? :) I was wondering if anyone had noticed that the new char Alex had no gender yet. I haven't really decided on gender yet, so I made it none. Heh. :)

Oh, if anyone is having a hard time with the story, it might be a good idea to actually read part one first, here's a link to the first chapter. (I think I'll post links to the other chapters from now on when I finish one so people don't have to go looking for them, especially since it takes a little while to finish a chapter. ^^;)

Chapter 1: Escape

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