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OMG look it's my writing project! "The Cry of Mankind Act 1" (need feedback)

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This is for my writing project for school. I got bored so I'm going to post it. Hope you like it.

The Cry of Mankind
Act 1

It was a very silent afternoon in the ever so busy New York. A man looked out a window in glared into his neighborhood, quiet at always. The only thing going on was a car passing by and a man in his sixties walking with this stick. The old man was a veteran of the old Gulf War, a time before the man in the window was a child. The man took his eyes off the old guy and went for the bed. As soon as he started to go to sleep his cellphone rang.
"Hey Augustus!" His police partner Bradson said. "I need to show you something. I just got some new info about our next assignment. It has to deal with some thing the Mayor is up to."
"What's he going to do now? This city has enough problems from our previous Mayors! Can it wait? I'm really tired."
"No, it looks pretty serious. Just get your lazy ass over at the Hammer Head Building bar okay?"
"Fine. Just wait a few minutes."
Augustus took off his tank top he wore to bed and put on a black t-shirt. He strapped on his jeans, took his badge and his gun, and left the building. He decided to quickly walk there rather than waste gas on his brand new car. He makes it to the bar near the Hammer Head Building. Bradson, waiting at the other end of the building, called him over.
"Sergeant BlackFish! It's about time you got here!" he said.
"Shut the hell up! You awoke me from my sleep. Now what is so god damn important?"
"Ugh. Okay. See these plans? They say something about the mayor announcing something to deal with a NEW anti-pollution law."
"What now? First smoking is literally BANNED, now what?"
"He says he wants new safety devices that filter out the car exhaust to be installed in EVERY DAMN CAR!"
"And this is why you woke me from my sleep?"
"No, there's more stuff. That's just the appetizer."
"Oh great, what now?"
"Well, it is good news. We are just being assigned to the Hercules force to protect the NYSE1."
"Oh Yay! Oh I'm so excited! MY ASS! That's going to be boring as hell. When I was a teenager they'd just stand there and they always did. No action whatsoever."
"Oh well. We are going to need some minor training though. That's about it. They are assigning us because the police force thinks we are too good for them."
"Uh right. I think I'm going to order-"
"Breakfast? I ordered pancakes before you left."
Augustus started to look out the window as if he were very bored. He then notices something very awkward about the sky. It turned into a reddish orange. It was too early for a red sky. Then he smelt fire. A rocket flew out of nowhere and hit the Empire State Building.
"Holy Crap!", he shouted.
Meanwhile, everybody else got worried. Augustus and Bradson ran outside and drew their peashooters2. Bradson looked up and saw floating carriers in the sky. They started to land on the roads. Then, a big thump occurred. Augustus started to look left and right. They decided to run for it just in case.
"Over here." Shouted Bradson
They ran into 22nd street and saw what the thump was. Apparently some alien soldiers just landed from a carrier ship. The two hid in the corner and Augustus pulled out his Desert Eagle3. Bradson pulled out a FlashBang4 and flung it to the group of aliens. The grenade almost immediately made a huge flash of light, nearly blinding the whole block. Augustus fired multiple rounds blindly at the direction of the aliens and heard groans and moans after each shot. A few seconds later, the light expired and he noticed that he got only some of the group of soldiers down, but that was better than nothing. He hid his spot again and noticed the soldiers were coming his way.
"Over there!" One shouted.
"They speak English? That's odd." Noted Bradson.
The two hid in the store and were ready to ambush the remaining group. Bradson had a different idea. He didn't allow Augustus to shoot and he let them pass.
"What are you doing?" Asked Augustus.
"Watch this!"
Bradson waited a few seconds, flung a grenade out, and watched the fireworks. The rest of the aliens practically vanished and all was left was green blood. The duo walked out and wondered what to do next. They approached the ship and found unused alien weaponry. Augustus picked one up from the wall. It had lots of pretty green lights on it and a big green beam on the top.
"Hmm... What does this gun do anyway?" Augustus pondered.

Augustus went out of the ship and shot a trash can. The gun was some sort of an automatic energy bullet rifle. The gun was marked "KOER-34"5. It was quite accurate, too. The two took the guns and a few clips with them.
Augustus and Bradson continued downtown. They slowly walked around the empty area, hearing screams left and right, and seeing planes fly above them. Then, they saw some Counter Terrorist Units6 walking by. They came up to them and asked for some help.
"Hey! Mind if we tag along?" Augustus said. "I'm Sergeant Augi BlackFish. That's my partner Bradson McFuly. We were one of the first people to respond to this "alien" attack. We destroyed one of their infantry groups and salvaged the guns."
They starting mumbling to each other until one of them came up and said "All right Sergeant, you can come with us. We do not have any extra resources that we can give you. Those are a nice pair of Desert Eagles you got there."
"Heh, thanks." replied Augi.
All of the sudden, two heavily armored alien soldiers landed nearby. The whole police team looked left and saw them. More alien soldiers joined the others.
"Ah crap! More of them!" A CT said.
The team took their positions. One of them threw a FlashBang at them. Two other threw an HE grenade. Sparks flew and little slabs of metal went everywhere. Augi peeked into the corridor and saw one H.A.7 soldier was left.
"Guys. I have an idea. Let's try to capture the alien. We could get some info out of it." He said.
"I don't know. It looks rather open." A CT said.
"Cover me." Augi replied.
Augustus took out his DE and shot the soldier's arm, disabling it. He walked over, snatched the guy, and ran back. The Team gathered around it and started to wonder stuff. The alien was dizzy and in shock. Augi took off it's helmet, slapped him, and said "Wake up stupid. It's time to answer some questions."
"Aliens can't speak English, or do they?" One CT said.
"They do." Bradson replied. "We heard them speak while we first attacked them"
Then the alien started to groan. It was very confused. It started to look at all of them like he was in some very strange place.
"Where am I?", It said. "What is going on? What type of creature are you? Ugh! My air!"
It shook violently and Bradson managed to calm it down.
"Maybe we should take it to base." Said Bradson.
"Then what about the defense lines? There's barely any human fighting around here. It's nothing but screams and guts." Augi noted.
"I have an idea. I can go with part of the team back to the nearest police base via that armored emergency vehicle over there, and you could go with others and see what else is going on in this town."
"All right. We can do that."
Bradson took part of the team to the armored vehicle with the unarmed alien. Meanwhile, Augi continued with his team down Broadway. They kept on running into alien soldiers. Then, Augi noticed a gun from one of the soldiers. It was big and blue. He looked at it more closely and a big clip was in there. He also noticed that another clip was attached to the alien's uniform. He then picked it up and wondered what it actually did. And so, he aimed at an Olds- Mobile and fired the gun. The gun splooged out an energy rocket and blew up the car, making it go up a few yards and then smashing onto the ground face first. The CT's started to freak out and Augi just looked at the whole thing thinking "Hrmm!"
A big gigantic robot looking thing started to crawl forth. Everybody started to scramble for a place to hide. It started screeching, "WHERE ARE THE HUMANS!? WHERE ARE THEY?" It then stomped forward and Augi fired his new blue gun at it. A big explosion knocked it forward. By then it was unable to move, but it was only somewhat damage. They all ran to it and noticed a door was on the back of the thing. A CT opened it and noticed it the robot was actually a Mech. They ran into the thing and saw a dead alien body, and one of the CT's found another blue gun thingy, so he took it. They started to walk away from the huge metal corpse.
At this moment Augi and the gang were somewhere near Astor Place. They walked down even further and saw another band of CT's parked near an underground parking lot.
"Come in!" one of them said.
The CT's ran on in to get some food. Augi didn't go in though. He wanted to stay on guard.
"You know about the situation so far?" Augi asked the CT guarding the garage.
"I heard everything should be in control. Even with all those big metal things and all, our explosives managed to take them down. We have quite a number aliens captured. Thanks to you, that CT force managed to get down here safely. Oh, and your partner Bradson, he's doing okay. He's with a police force somewhere nearby."
"What about the air force?"
"Air crew is coming to to take out that big Mother Ship looking thing up there. Oh yeah, we need a crew for downtown, wanna go?"
"Yeah. I'm concerned about that area."
They went downtown, and the story shall continue there. Act 1 End

EDIT: In case you noticed the numbers and the lack of indents, take note this whole thing was copy pasted from my staroffice document.

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Reminds me of Halo for some reason. Probably the stuff about throwing a bunch of grenades and shooting wildly. I liked it, though. Does this sort of thing happen on earth often? I'm just wondering because they didn't seem too concerned that the sky turned red and aliens started appearing.

Are you going to post part 2?

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Yep. Act 2 is in the works. I'll post it as soon as it's ready. Thanks for the feedback.

I'm just wondering because they didn't seem too concerned that the sky turned red and aliens started appearing.

Yeah I kinda made the sky thing up, but whatever. :D

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