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How do I make skulltag always load skins?

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If you're using custom skins (skins that you made yourself), everyone needs to have the same skin wad loaded in order for them to see your skin. Otherwise, if you're using a skin already existing in Skulltag, everyone should be able to see it.

If you have a skin in a custom wad, just put in in your skulltag /SKINS directory. Any wad you place in there will be loaded up automatically each time you load Skulltag (same goes for wads in the /ANNOUNCER directory).

Anyway, does that help? If not, let me know.

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Mike951 said:

I can't find my Announcer or my Skins directory in my skulltag directory how come?

Just make a new subdirectory wherever your skulltag folder is, called SKINS and/or ANNOUNCER, and put your wads there.

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Thanks for helping me with the skins and the announcer. Also you know the download site http://www.3ddownloads.com takes forever to even start downloading cause you have to wait for other people but your download goes faster when its your turn.

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Alternatively you can create a shortcut of the skulltag.exe then go to properties and add -file myskin.wad" at the end of the target directory bit (eg c:\skulltag\skulltag.exe -file myskin.wad or c:\skulltag\skulltag.exe -file myskin.wad myskin2.wad for multiple skin loading) but Carney's tip is better. It let's you load as many as you want (roughly)

Oh and btw ahem!

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