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No Spider Mastermind?

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It seems like here, ya'll have very few of my favorite demon: The Spider Mastermind.if someone would be so kind as to tell me where i could get some images and sound clips of the spider mastermind, i would greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: or at least show me some spider mastermind stuff..



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You can rip sounds and sprites directly from Doom(2).wad using a utility like WinTex, XWE, or DeePsea.

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ok. thanks

so, i can rip out the sounds using WinRar and stuff?

i used this method in ripping out Serious Sam music files, so i was just askin...


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oh... ok

just. checking


it says on XWE that i can't open the Doom2 wad file, or i don't have access to it. it sayed "Access denied".....

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umm.. lemme check...

i think i got the wrong version...
could ya post the link?

ok! thanks Nanami!!! i'll check it out now

sorry for the double post shown above

what's the hell baron called on xwe?

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Enemy sprites start with the a main name of 4 characters then a angle name of another 2-4 characters (eg playa1 for front view of the marine during the first walk frame, or trooc3c7 for the side view of the imp's third walking frame, etc you'll get the idea) The character names are as follows.

play for the player (marine)
poss for zombieman
spos for sergeant
troo for imp
sarg for demon
head for cacodemon
skul for lost soul
boss for baron
cybr for cyberdemon
spid for spiderdemon

for doom2

fatt for mancubus
bspi for arachnotron
vile for archvile
bos2 for hellknight
pain for pain elemental (i think)
cpos for chaingunner
skel for revenant

Just for reference. :)

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engineer said:

I've always wondered: Why is the Imp called "Troo" and the Demon called "Sarg"?

It might have something to do the zombieman (trooper as in troo) and the zombie sergeant (sargeant as in sarg). I suppose when id were programming doom those were the original sprite names but later on it changed and id didn't really want to make a big fuss over the sprite names in order to get the game done quicker. My rough theory anyway.

Besides the sprite names need to start of with a 4 character phrase and imp is a 3 character phrase (could have something like imp1 though)

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This has been asked so often it should really have its own FAQ, but the answer to the question of DOOM's weird sprite names (as well as corresponding internal object type names in the source code) is in the DOOM Bible.

The original enemies were indeed to be called Trooper of Hell, Sergeant of Hell, etc. There were only to be two of what we now call Barons, and they were to be called the Bruiser Brothers (hence BRUIS).

The other sprite names are fairly straight forward, and the DOOM II names were probably just made up before they knew what they'd call the enemies for sure (Mancubus is called FATSO in the source, for example, and his sprite is FATT).

The sort of silly original enemy names went the way of the rest of the DOOM Bible when Tom Hall quit.

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