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How Come some people have Colors on their name?

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What colors?

And please lay off my avatar, kind sir.

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Disco Stu comes on skulltag every once and and a while and his name has changing colors when you look at whos playing. A few other ppl have it too.

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It's very simple. You'll need to set your name using the console which is simply:

name "namegoeshere"

To add color, you'll need to put \cX next to any character or word that you want colored. X is any letter from A-I. For a color chart, look here:


One such example would be:


which says


with the word zoom in orange and his name in red. Experiment and see what you like.

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You have to add a special sequence of characters to set a color. This sequence starts with "\c" followed by another character (between a and f I think). The exact colors should be in the ZDoom docs or something. My name for example looks like this in the .ini file:
That's just boris_ in a bunch of stupid random colors :P

[edit] bah [/edit]

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But what is the letter/number to make your name change colors? I saw someones name changing colors.

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