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Legacy and Skins

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This isn't about the known legacy bug... the one that messes up skin wads with more than one skin inside. It's another common bug, I suppose... so I guess this question is kinda n00bish, but anyway.

I have in the past used multiple skins with legacy, and they all worked fine. I recently made two skins of my own from a certain megawad's enemies... and I can't get them to work together. When I add both wads, I get the following choices:

[The first skin I added]
Skin 2
Skin 3
Skin 32

Skins 2-32 look like the first skin.

I know I've seen this bug somewhere before. How do I make it so that both skins will work?

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...yes. But I said that's NOT the problem. I wasn't loading a wad with multiple skins. I was loading multiple WADs with one skin each.

I also found out that only the second skin has this problem. This makes no sense, as I copied the S_SKIN lump directly from the first wad and changed its sprite name...

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Meh, that bug. Two of my skins suffer from it.

I'm at school at the moment so i don't think i can give you the exact answer here, but iirc it may have something to do with the name of skin lump in the skin that makes the skin fill up all of the spaces until there is no more. If the skin lump is called something like s_skin12 then that tells legacy that it is a multiskin wad. Since legacy doesn't handle multiskins it does this notorious bug.

Some solutions

1. Rename the skin lump to s_skin in case it isn't renamed already. Also get rid of any other skin lumps that are in the wad if any.
2. Create a new skin with the same sprites, sounds, name etc. You could do this the usual way or use another skin (that works properly) as a base by editing the s_skin lump and adding in you sprites etc. Remember to get rid of the old skin lump after editing the original skin lump and saving your changes if you are using wintex 4.7 (ie delete the second skin lump.
3.Possibly skins don't work so well with legacy if you just copy and paste the skin lump. No guarantee though. If it is the case then go back to solution no.2
4. If all else fails and you still want to use the skin then makes sure when adding wads (either through a launcher or through the -file myskinhere.wad command) make sure that the skin with the bug is the last one you use.
5. Use zdoom because it can get multiskin stuff right.

Maybe when i get home i can give you a better answer. For now that's the best i can do.

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I took my first skin, copied all the lumps, then just edited the S_SKIN to change the sprite name, then changed all the sprite names accordingly. Then I added the new sprites. Yes, I made sure there was only one skin lump.

When I added both skins, with the good one first, I got the first one (the good one) followed by the bug. When I used the good skin alone it was fine, when I used the bad one I got the bug.

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I'll tell you what(but only if you want to), email the skins(s) to me and i'll try and fix it for you. How about that? :)

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