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Skulltag Editing Package!

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Hey all! Just wanted to inform you that I've released an editing package for Skulltag (actually, there's TWO of them)! You can check them both out here, in the "Other Skulltag Files" section.

One part is the one actually labeled "Skulltag Editing Package". This contains all the config files for various editors for making Skulltag levels, and a CTF prefab script for making your very own CTF levels!

The other part is the one labeled "Skulltag Maps". It contains all the levels included in Skulltag, broken up into seperate pieces and in MAPxx format (some editors only support ExMx and MAPxx maps). You can study these and learn from them, and hell, even make remakes if you want :)

Anyway, enjoy! Post any questions or anything you have here!

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Hirogen2 said:

Call it Skulltag SDK.

Not everyone is a programmer; thus not everyone will know what it means.

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