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TVR 11-20 Nightmare (sorta)

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Even though the run was finished, unfortunately I found an issue with PrBoom that makes the demo desync near the end of map20. I elaborate a little more in the text, but again, maybe this will be fixed sometime. In the meantime, enjoy everything up until the desync. :)

On the demo itself, I had to improvise a little because a few things didn't go right. The end of map12 was the big kick in the ass this time, and I can't believe how it worked out, though it didn't make things easy in the next level. This was also my first time finishing map18 (with only preplanning) so I started to get nervous in the end levels. Map20 had taken me almost 3 minutes to finish, with about a minute of fumbling with the end pillars. Sheesh.

EDIT: Ok I'm retarded, I was using 2.2.4 to record the demos(this and the previous movie), not 2.2.3, but the desync is still there. I dunno why I got the versions mixed up tho.

EDIT2: Forgot to remove the map20 time from the txt file (pasted the level texts over from my 30tv file and changed the times).



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Got it, Thanks.

I sure don't mind a known desync. It is just a kick watching the demo.

Shoot, I watched h2322437 6 times last night. I was trying every exe on my system to try and make it work past the sync problem. It did not work but I didn't really care. Great job on that one too, by the way.

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Sensational run - not only because of how well so many things go, but also due to the excellent and smooth-looking recoveries when things go haywire.

I loved the finish to map12. Exiting while dead is one thing, but that was a hell of a jump too.

Real shame about the desynch. (BTW, there's no use trying to watch it with Eternity, since it leaves you as a zombie after map12.) I'm beginning to wonder if maybe PrBoom 2.2.4 is a bit flawed, and perhaps 2.2.3 is more reliable on the whole. At least, I never recall 2.2.3 recording any "-complevel 1" demos that it couldn't play back correctly itself, and the only issues I remember with Doom2.exe playing them back were on maps that tended to crash Doom2 anyway.

Searcher: Regarding h2322437.lmp, my understanding is that the problem is more to do with the precise version of DOS - so try a different computer if you have more than one at your disposal. Fortunately, my P3 notebook handles this demo OK. :)

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Guess this might have something to do with nightmare skill, cus I had just finished a run of ep3 but the damn thing desyncs on map21. For some reason a cacodemon respawns in the demo when it didn't in the original play through. I might have to find a different solution.

EDIT: Next time I try, I'll dig up prboom 2.2.3, but school work calls for now.

or perhaps simply not use -complevel, which isn't a problem.

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Maybe that's it. I haven't played much NM since I started using 2.2.4, but never had any problems like that with NM in 2.2.3. One of the things fixed in 2.2.4 was a telefrag/teleport issue (the one that caused the desynch in your n4m1-035.lmp), so perhaps the fix to that has introduced a new problem with respawns. I'm just speculating here though.

BTW, I have always found the gl version (glboom.exe) to be far more reliable than straight prboom.exe. That's mainly from the point of view of crashes though, and is probably very system-dependent.

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