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Before my old hard rive stopped working, I had a few neat example wads. One had these "gallows" you can walk under that actually had enemies and such on top of it. There was another with a two floor parking garage, Anyway, I disticntly remember the "gallows" one being called GALLOWS.WAD. If anyone can locate these wads for me, I'd grestly appreciate it.

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No, it was a short little example wad. I thought for sure that it was with ikspecial, but I checked the text file (and went through the levels besides), and it wasn't part of it. Damn . . .

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Lee Szymanski's Gallows wad and other example wads are at the link below.

Title : fen boi's 3d examples
Filename : fenexam.wad M_exam.wad Z_exam.wad gallows.wad
Release date : 30/10/02 z_exam added 21/12/02 gallows added and fenexam tweaked03/01/03
Author : Lee Szymanski

get them at:

Lee's examples are excellent!

also try here for other great examples:

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*Exactly* what I was looking for. You are teh man! Now, I wonder how I stumbled across that . . .

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