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ToXiCFLUFF said:

Is that Starcraft I see??

Yes. That's my favorite shot from the game.

Currently, though, I have the Zerg one from Brood War with the devourers flying through the air.

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wackypath\insertwackycommandhere:>type autoexec.bat
prompt $pinsertwackycommandhere:$g


EDIT: By the way, Seph, you are not leet for using DOS. Use UNIX/Linux to be %25 leeter.

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Do you have a link to that wallpaper Mr. Chris, it's pretty sweet.

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If I posted my desktop, it would embarress me. My dad has a background of me and younger brother playing GBC 4 or 5 years ago :-P

EDIT: Zell, where did you get that cool Doom Musicmatch skin?!

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