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not really doom related, but still good.

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well, in brit lit i had to write a poem, and here it is

The Persistent Blades of Grass

It’s a haunting ordeal embedded within the daily duties of our lives.
Because the slightest whiff of their demise gives me pleasure.
Or so, when I end the task at hand, I am stained with the grass’s blood.
My Deadly device Churns and burps as we proceed.
Eating till its sack is full, but we are relentless our deadly assault.
The stench of it looms thought the subdivisions.
Just keeping them in order makes me cringe at the dastardly deed.
Especially in morning, when their bodies are laden with fresh dew as their armor,
Pushing and pulling my device in massive amounts of struggle,

As their song of rebirth stains my suits of summer.
Then life goes on, and our deadly deeds must be put into motion,
Time and time again till we tire and our heirs take on the deed,
Of putting the grass in its proper place.

even if there is gramatical errors, its still very good ( my teachers and older peopole seem to think its very good )

what do you think?

Copywrite Peter Krnich 2003

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Though I was never a fan of expanding the significance of household chores with more vibrant language (especially the eerie antagonism of it, you evil grass-cutter ;), you certainly do a good job of it. Perhaps a fanfic bearing your name could be more output for your creative drive. :)

EDIT: I was joking btw, but it didn't seem too obvious. I like to see what people can come up with in regards to storytelling.

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