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Doomworld is 56% Evil

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Lüt said:

...and newdoom is 28% evil. We win! :D

edit: I just realized this thing gives a different score every time. Doomworld's ranged from 24% to 56% over the course of 5 ratings.

Newdoom is the diet Coke of evil.

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I found this interesting, for the nerds among us:

'linux' is 99% evil
'windows' is 99% good

I think that pretty much closes that subject

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Good is 50G/50E (Umm...)
Evil is 50G/50E (Ummm....)
Bad is 99G/1E (Ummmm.....)
Doom is 50G/50E (But you kill the bad guys!)
Samuel (my name) is 99G/1E (w00t!)
insertwackynamehere is 50G/50E (I guess it's because the name could be anything...)
Gemetriculator is 99G/1E (Rigged.)
Harry Potter is 99G/1E (Who says he's evil now?)
Ivan Panin is 50G/50E (He created his downfall)
http://homokaasu.org/gematriculator/ is "Sorry, an error occurred:
Recursive gematriculation messes with the fabric of the universe itself and cannot be allowed." (ok....)
Playboy.com is 63G/37E
Samuel Julius Horwitz (my full name) is 99G/1E (w00t! w00t!)

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Aha! The gematriculator itself is 49% evil, 51% good. I saved the page, uploaded it elsewhere, ran it through, and then deleted it. I will not be held liable (I'd like to see you try) if the universe collapses in a few minutes.

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Dear god, darknation is only 50% evil.

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The name "Satan" is 50% evil, 50% good.

The word "fag" is 1% evil, 99% good, but "faggot" is 50/50. "cunt" is 74% evil and 26% good.

The word "penis", on the other hand, is 99% evil, 1% good. So is the word "vagina".

The name "Draconio" is 50/50.

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Apparently my "mainpage" ( http://nami.mancubus.net/ ) is 19% evil

My images folder which contains many screenshots of Doom, nude furries, and imps with heads where their asses ought to be is only 8% evil.

The ZooM Site is 41% evil. I guess saying "ZooM is your god" is a bad thing. ;)

As it turns out you can't ask it how evil itself is, it gives a lame excuse (because even 1% evil would be a bad thing, right?).

The creator's website is 22% evil, and the method itself is 19% evil.

Other interesting numbers (ranked by evilness):

progressquest.com: 72% evil (our guild is 28% evil even though we're an "evil" guild)
bash.org: 59% evil
lesbian.com: 53% evil
lies.com: 44% evil
goatse: 43% evil
lesbians.com: 40% evil
literotica.com: 36% evil
rotten.com: 34% evil
good.com: 31% evil
google.com: 27% evil
evil.com: 25% evil (I love how good.com is more evil than evil.com)
altavista.com: 20% evil
zdoom.org: 17% evil
satanrules.com: 1% evil

The word "apocalypse" is 99% evil
Doom's codepointers are 72% evil
The word "doom" is 50% evil
The word "evil" is 50% evil
This page about kitsune myths and legends is 33% evil
I'm 1% evil
And good news everyone, the internet is only 1% evil

...Always right, eh?

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Interestingly, the word business is 99% evil.

The tool sounds like a sex toy or something ;)

Results from the bullshitlocator show:
This site is 93% bullshit 3% chicken extract, and 8% rectal havoc? Dont add up :\
Lets put all the evil words we got so far into one post, let it analyse it and blow the cunt up :P

Lol, typically, "the_heretic" is 99%evil. However, that 1% good I had has just been descecrated on this young maiden here.

Edit : jesus christ is 100% evil o_O

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