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Optimal ZDoomGL Settings

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Just thought I'd share what GL settings I use to get ZDoomGL looking as nice as possible ;) (For anyone who doesn't already know). Anyway I'll just list the cvars and values, from most important to least:

gl_vid_bitdepth 32
gl_texture_format GL_RGBA8
gl_texture_anisotropic 1
gl_billboard_mode 1
gl_line_smooth 1
gl_particles_additive 0 (blood looks a tad silly with additive blending IMO)
gl_sprite_clip_to_floor 1
gl_sprite_sharp_edges 0 (matter of taste really)

Setting gl_texture_format to GL_NEAREST can give a 'software' effect too, for anyone who happens to dislike the GL 'blur' and prefers good old blockiness :P

I usually have particle blood/puffs and decals off too, as they can decrease performance a bit (and decals don't really clip correctly at the moment).

Heh, oh and for a really ugly effect, try setting gl_texture_format to GL_RGBA2, the resolution low, and gl_vid_bitdepth to 16 (SNES Doom, almost :P)

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gl_vid_stencilbits 8 (uses stencil buffer for masking skyboxes so you can have multiple skyboxes visible at once)
gl_mirror_envmap 1
gl_mirror_recursions 8 (depth for the "infinite mirror" effect)
gl_blend_animations 1
gl_texture_multitexture 1 (uses multitexturing for the blended animations so they're a bit less fillrate intensive)
gl_texture_anisotropy_degree 2 (or whatever your card supports, my Geforce2 only supports up to 2, but the GeforceFX supports up to 16)
gl_sky_detail 10 (gives a smoother look to the sky)

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