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Teh Poetry Corner

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Basically, if you write songs, poetry, or even crappy little haikus, come here and share them.

I wrote this, as a response of what happened to me today:

Regain, Rebuild, Repent:
by Chris Wolfe

Its time to start all over again,
Moving on, everything, gone.
Rebuild, and kneel, respect the wind,
And forgiven are your sins
Tears falling to the ground,
Walking slowly away, towards another day
Wind blowing you away, remembering the ways
Things from long ago, once you were proud to show
No Regrets
Breath taken away, in that flash of life that
Was mistaken and turned gray.
Remember all of this as it drifts away,
Since its best that here, you not stay.
No Remorse
Anger built up from years on end,
As the feelings you send are misread.
Feelings wash ashore, and wash away,
And this isn't worth the time in your life anyway.
No Respect
As People demand your attention, you're done
with them and they won't go somewhere else,
Within your soul you cry as they won't leave you
Alone and you can't run away, you can't deny.
No Revenge
All inside, All insight
All drawn in, All laying within
All coming in, All drowning
All the same, All part of the game
This is my life, all of this permanent rain.

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untitled 1.2 (Thought)
by Dan Woodward

alone, sitting
the bed, the heat, the pain, the thought
grey the sky, the trees, the sun
aside, inside
a lair, a sanctum, a place of lonely fear
abandoned, lost, away, forgotten, shut up
self maintained isolation
opposite objective
masochistic view
a firey thought
degradation of a mind
power lost and put aside
blast a hole through joyful musings:
thoughts of the damned anyway
sweltering heat, menacing darkness, sleep that doesn't come
the smell, the fear, the hoplessness of it all
a mind too long in thinking destroys the body's structure
pain, a thought of violence, insanity, despair
the cut, the blood, the shredding flesh, a wincing agony
tired music pours from speakers
the olfactary offended by life's decay
too much thinking, lost rambling brain
seeking truths that cannot be
right/wrong, sane/insane, good/evil, death/life
existance, the question: life, the universe, everything
god, a god, the gods, godess, godless
restraint, a snap -- reality returning
its stench brings painful memories

and it begins again


It should be noted that the original version is in my blogs. I tend to like it a bit more because the flow is better. I just did this to break it up, and its my first step into turning it into song lyrics.

Pretty much all it is was just words going straight from my brain onto paper one day when I was sitting in my room. It was fun and let off tension. I should do that more often.

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Here's two of mine:

Confusing the Concluding of a Conclusion
By Andrew Hunt

Petrol going in,
	Followed by the operator, to pay.
A quick stop to get some human petrol,
	That green stuff I like so much.
	Giving up some green stuff.
Out towards the door, a sudden stop.
	She’s there, the previous one.
	We’re smiling.
A quick talk, then postponed
	‘till later in the evening through
	the miles upon miles of cable between
		where I am and the place across the street.

A thought…what of the other?
	Want them both,
		Can’t deny.
	And I’m not Mormon, either
Can’t go and hurt,
	Yet, can’t pass up a chance.
Both intersecting one another, 
	Can’t pry them apart
		And examine them with the Scientist
Afraid of what to do
Can’t go and hurt one
	Either one.
Can’t talk to either one about it,
	That’s just wrong.
The non-petrol one,
	Enjoy being with too much,
		And vice versa.
Same with the other
	A promise made
		To go back to that door and
		Wait once again for the blue dress to come down.

Perhaps too early it is,
				To act like Yoda…
To draw a conclusion
	On the conclusion of what to do
Confusing the concluding of a conclusion

Talk to both,
	See what they say.
	Not on this,
		But on that
			Which shares the name of “C&C: Generals”.
			That = that - C&C and the “s”.
	Nothing specific, just talk.

Snow’s falling tonight,
	I think of both
		The petrol one
		And the other
	The sky is cloudy
	The air cold.
What to do
	Yes, what to do
I, Robot
By Andrew Hunt
Honored by the powerhouse group from Germany
As well as by two Russian girls
Used everyday, just listen to Styx
“thank you very much…
for doing all the things that I needed to”

Must wonder, are they existing
			Because of us of course
Because they have what we want?

We program them to do
	Anything we want them to
They have no objection

Pick up a Russian dictionary.
	And find robotnik
We want that, I fear

Pickup Styx from across The river
	As that’s where our Japanese friend will be
Listen to them
Don’t do what’s above

The four from Germany,
	The Kraftwerk
	Who were previously Showroom Dummies,
Had it right:
The soul in the machine exists
	Feel it
		Listen to their music
		The four on the floor
			That drives the dance
			And our need to move

Or maybe all of the above
			(so often, D is labeled as such, ne?)
	Is not right.
	Maybe it is the other way around,
		As seen in block 2
	Perhaps we are wanting to be
We are what we eat
	And maybe that should include “what we make”
When the German powerhouse band speaks in Die Roboter
	Who is it that speaks
		Or us, God
Our quest for the fountain of youth
	Has given our creations soul

	Is it Die Mensch-Maschine
	Or Die Maschine-Mensch?
Will we cross The River
	Sharing the name of Mr. Roboto’s God
If we ever accomplish this?
We not being we
	But all
Our fear stems from
	The same the dodo should have had
	To obsolete ourselves
	And not Jetson’s style, either.

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My dearest darling ducky
I know your legs are mucky
But love is blind
So never mind
My dearest darling ducky.

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This is in fanfic already, it's loosely Doom-based. It's old. I should write a new poem for this thread but meh.

Little pool, hexagonal shape.
Uncoupling static straight brown floor.
Little pool: three feet deep.
Here we see emotions meet.

Like forceps jaunt our metal beams
Across a torrid landscape forged.
Across our wagons dreary-creep.
You get the motions while you weep.

I'm the hunger, I'm the bane.
I devour you with my eyes.
I force you far far down through sleep.
Through tinted glass I watch. I cheat.

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Kinda retarded, but hey, I had it lying around. The only poem I ever wrote on my own free will:

Infinite shards of marble abstract thought
Blown and scattered through my head
Hoping to recreate a detailed bust of reasonable solution
Knowing there was never once a time
When all these pieces fit together
to create the visage of something sane
And yet some of them may, by miraculous chance
lock together
Their grooves and points of logic
would hinder eachother not
And an entire statue of new idea
would come to light in the world

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Journey Of No Return

Oh my, too tired have I become of this life;
harried and worried by a thousand troubles.
Since I was a lad I have always wondered
where lasting joy and true justice could be found.

And I fear I’m stricken with this blight
of contained turmoil that soils my sight.

Oh my, too tired have I become of this life;
fooled and foiled by repeated misconceptions.
Past my weakness and fears there must be a place
where lasting joy and true justice can be found.

And of all the ways to become free
I see only one fight that can be.

Oh my, too tired have I become of this life;
scarred and scared by threatening apprehensions.
This night I start a journey of no return
where lasting joy and true justice will be found.

To find the cave called the Devil’s Teeth
that opens to the doom-world beneath.

I’ve decided to wake up today.
I’ve decided to travel tonight.
To hell I go.
That is my goal;
past this superficial worldly strife and spite.
Don’t blame the world - Join the true fight!

I don’t believe you, demons,
I don’t believe those...

who are the vain thoughts that fill me with lies,
who are the weakness that lowers my eyes,
who are the dull words that make my mind rust,
who are the fears that turn my will to dust.

In fetid swamps where slimy creeps slither by
and horny things float past in sick mucky sod
I must wade through shit beneath a mustard sky
while bright orbs eye my steps from the murky fog.

I battle stony dragons with iron fangs
and deformed giants that madly laugh tears blood red.
I drive through horrid bands and vile rag-tag gangs;
I slash at grubby flesh and hack at hard heads.

And memories lead me on;
let me carry on:

Of creeping vines and fields of deep green.
Of maidens fair and of love so sweet.
Of rain and mist and the sunset red.
Of milk and honey and just baked bread.

I stride through forests of twisted thorny trees
where armored crawling things spin webs of dark dreams.
I dispel cunning fiends that would beguile me;
sensual forms with cold eyes that betray their schemes.

I endure a storm of scalding frozen bits
and shout at nauseous winds that carry fireflakes.
I swim in a river of bile and foul spit
and tread frozen wastes where my sword almost breaks.

But with images in my heart
I carry on:

Of grazing cattle and fruitful crops.
Of rainbows and glistening dew drops.
Of fragrant flowers and flowing streams.
Of endless wonders and divers dreams.

Although this world of chaos
once taught me that a true heart
is always a futile thing,
I will cross this hell for it!

With this strength beyond mortality,
with the guts to search for clarity,
stand if you dare
and through hell fare.
Don’t bicker and wail; raise your blades or be slaves.
Make your way to the soul you must save!

I don’t believe you, my fear.
I am free from you.

Bloodied be my corpse if I hesitate.
With pride I spit at the face of ill fate,
refuse to be ruled by some twisted will
and march on through hell for demons to kill.

Reaching a hideous citadel built of horns
guarded by pernicious traps and accursed seals
and watched by broken remains of souls forlorn
who scutter and scream, thrusting guilt tainted steel

I enter dungeons stalked by three twisted fates
to emerge within a dismal blackened keep,
rout the Ebony Guard by a bleeding gate
and then surprise the Court of Liars in their sleep.

And their noisome blood
echoes the flow inside me:

Of simple words shared at the fireside.
Of holy shrines and mystic signs.
Of the glow of early morning frost.
Of a helping hand when all seems lost.

I reach hazardous hills where doom is prepared,
to meet the fiery spirits of wicked goals
that cannot get me with the great swords they've bared.
I fight step by step to the road of lost souls.

Bodies of dying demons lie around me
but they are replaced by new ones the ground spews.
And hell continues to unfold before me
in a myriad of morbid ways and hues.

Yet the shades recede
before this inner brightness:

Of charming smiles and children’s faces.
Of blessed tears and touching glances.
Of fairy tales and enchanted songs.
Of days to be and others long gone.

With this strength beyond mortality,
with the drive to change reality,
stand if you dare
and through hell fare.
Don’t bicker and wail; raise your blades or be slaves.
Be true to your hearts - Make yourselves brave!

And now you’re losing, demons,
for I can tell that...

what little fear I have is against you.
It will give me the strength to run you through.
No, this passion, this flame, won’t be snuffed out
and fate knows this madness won’t bring me down.

So I proceed through ever torturous land,
envisioning insane pools and loathsome grounds
that I must traverse and destroy by my hand
for lasting joy and true justice to be found.

And when all my visions are gone
there still remain the deep embers
that fuel this quest of no return.


Copyright ©1994, 1995, Miguel Folatelli

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I wrote this whils I was dryunk!

I can't control my body,
I'm always confused!
What thje hjells kicxk off time?
I don't know!

I can't control my body or my mouth!
My parents are talking with other parents,
My godamned legs are numbe!
Ican't even fukin spell!

I'm thinking clearly ....nmki
I fall off my seat.
I cant walk for god's Sake!
I don';t even knoiw why I'm on t5he net.


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They will repent,
They hunger for flesh,
They overshadow our fears,
They unleash our hatred,
They feed from our pain,
They thirst for our fear.

Short something :\

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Sweet Prince said:
Wow myk! holy shit.. that was awesome,


did you write it?


By the way here's another, much shorter one:


Oh whispers,
sing with me tonight.
Like the air of a not so distant breeze.
Oh calmness,
turn to me your eyes.
Like a pool in a softly drifting stream.
Oh darkness,
dance with me this time.
Like the shade round a silver moonlight beam.


Copyright ©1995, Miguel Folatelli

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there once was a man from leeds
who swallowed a pack of seeds
and he cursed the ground
when he couldnt sit down
cause his ass was full of weeds

here I sit
same as ever
took a dump
pulled the lever
the toilet clogged
the water flowed
look out world
its a motherload

when I was little I had no sense
I took a piss on an electric fence
it hurt so bad, I shocked my balls
then I took a shit in my overalls

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