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$7000 is $9.99

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everyday at bestbuy they keeptelling us about this $7000 pice of equipment. it is a barcode scanner with emmbedded 286CPU, DOS 6.22, and 802.11 wireless card. handy little deal. yet not really worth $7000. to poke fun at them i bought one for $9.99. it works and is in better condition than our's at work. i showed up at work with it yesturday and they shit their pants.
"Where did you get that!" the GM said.

i told them i got it cheap and that it is used but works and even showed them it worked. it is a newer version of our modle. i am sure new it was about 200-500 years ago. they are built to last and there are a ton on the market. i told work i would sell it to them for $150 dispite the fact i payed $18 with shipping for the SOB. i didnt tell them how much it costs me.

i also told them about a company that sells new ones for about 150-350 depending on CPU and RAM, has embedded pentium 133 or 486. and runs linux, saw it in a linux mag. sence we need them. anyways i just made a mint of those dumbasses

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Dude, Seph, you're a cool guy and I like you, but really this should've went in your blog.

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You should sell them some more... say you'll cut them a "deal" -- $75. They might need some to place around the store for customer use or at each register. THEN get the "new" ones in a month and sell them as "upgrades." Charge $100-ish. Keeps you credible, makes you look like "the deal guy" they should turn to every time they need new stuff.

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