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Pik NM demos

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Hey everybody,

now that I've found this neat forum, thought I'd upload some demos as well :)

Happened to play Pik.wad recently, the levels aren't any good but some of them promised some nice NM challenge.

Link to the wad is here:


Oh, and my zip exceeded the allowed size by mere 200 bytes with max compression, so I removed the text file from it and I'll paste it here:

Filename : Pixnmabc.lmp, x - level, abc - time
LMP Version : 1.9
Game : Doom2
Pwad(s) : Pik.wad
Map Level(s) : MAP01-MAP07
Skill : 5
Category : Nightmare
Length : See below

Author : Donatas Tamonis
Email Address : dtamonis@takas.lt
Misc. Author Info : I like doom and I like lmps

Additional Credits to : Everyone who records/watches lmps

The levels of this wad are too basic for my liking but i found some of
them to be quite challenging in NM and all beatable, so I started
recording. Map by map comments follow:

MAP01 30-5-0 0:18

Small opening map. Nothing special, not hard, dunno why it took me even
16 tries to do it (I use a batch file to count the tries).

MAP02 171-96-100 8:25

Wow, my longest NM lmp so far! In this level you collect all the keys,
then go through a quite a long part of the level, then teleport back and
go through that part once again, this time pressing the switches. I was
quite nervous when approaching the exit and this can be easily seen:
missed shots, lost health... This one took 79 tries.

MAP03 90-0-50 3:44

Initially, this promised to be easier than MAP02, however, here the
monsters are not deaf which means they wake up themselves upon respawn,
making the game more chaotic. Couldn't think of any strategy for the
final area, died there numerous times. This time I even missed the exit
door at first and still survived :) 81 tries.

MAP04 94-100-66 2:47

The hardest map. Had even switch to DOS mode cause the game used to
slow down occasionally before making a sound, poor sound drivers
probably. It was only after many tries that I remembered I could use
one teleporter to make things easier. 134 tries totally.

MAP05 100-33-33 7:00

Heh, this was the very first try. Ok, I had a -fast -respawn Godmode
test walk before that. Apart from that, not much to say.

MAP06 82-100-100 3:37

This map is based on one special effect - monsters appearing from
"nowhere" by using instantaneously rising floors, I'd say - too much
of them. Much easier than looks cause you don't have to revisit the
same areas, just go forward. There's a corridor with a door to yellow
key; when you approach the door, it opens but then closes and you have
to go through archville to get the key. Here, I straferan to the door
trying not to trigger the door-close linedef. Heh, I didn't expect that
I actually would succeed in doing this, so had a few hits from the
caco :) 4 tries.

MAP07 90-87-50 2:48

Again, easier than looks. Once you get past the red door, there's a
big chance to reach the exit. The baron behind the red door was hit
by some monster and I didn't have to kill him, therefore he didn't
have to respawn and get in the way :) 19 tries.



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There was a bit of discussion of this wad (and its name!) here.

Sorry you fell victim to the 64K limit. The solution you adopted is quite neat; if that hadn't worked, you could have broken it into smaller files (you can put multiple attachments in one thread), or else contacted Lüt about it. Off to watch them now...

...amazing stuff - very exciting to watch. I've no idea how you hold your nerve through such long NM runs. It's funny how -skill 5 transforms these maps.

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Very nicely done; utterly strange levels, but you handled em like a pro. :)

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Sweeeet! Very cool!

It is pretty amazing how skill 5 changes those maps. And it did not appear to really affect the way you played them all that much.

Thanks! I just loved them.

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Little Faith said:

[moron] Høh høh høøh.. han sagde Pik, hi hi hi! [/moron]


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