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Dwango5--Skulltag Remix

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Uploaded to http://myweb.cableone.net/tsand/sdwango5.zip and also to archives.3dgames.com in /idgames/incoming.

Having heard many people wish for more DM levels, I decided to make SDWANGO5. This is DWANGO5.WAD with some Skulltag powerups/runes/weapons added and some of the excess ammo removed. I have no idea how these levels will play with the new stuff in them, so I encourage you to try them out.

Let me know if there are any weird bugs in the maps--there was a very strange bug in MAP04 featuring invisible ledges that shouldn't have been there. I think that's a quirk of WadAuthor but it could just be my editing incompetence. :) I got it fixed by moving a couple of vertices--shouldn't affect play in the least.


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