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Heart, UV, 212 speedrun

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Whew! I finally got it.

I remember how much everyone enjoyed doing demos of Grind2, so I made Heart with speedrunning in mind. Even so, it was NOT easy.

I recorded a UV speedrun (2:12, 40% kills, 9% items, 0% secrets), and decided to go with that time because it took about 300 tries (although my paths got increasingly better as I played through).

The level has a lot of parts that are "built for speedrunning," and you'll see them in the demo. The teleporter next to the blue key is one of the most important ones. You can SR into that teleporter after getting the key. I thought it was a bug at first but I realized it's useful. I didn't use the jump key anywhere in the level. Getting onto the teleporter takes practice to know where to launch from.

I wasted a lot of time getting the invuln but uh... I probably couldn't have beaten it without it. =) I opened the door on that side of the building because there's two medikits on that side (see, I think so darn far ahead!).

The switches by the exit can be hit through the railing, to save time. You'll see me do this in the demo so I don't have to fight the revenants.

Anyway, I hope the level isn't too tough to attract speedrunners. I know it was difficult for me, but with a well-beaten path and some practice, you'll probably beat my time.

This was recorded with ZDoom 50.cab, and I tested it so it plays back. Make sure you drag and drop Heart.wad as well. Heart was in today's newstuff, if you haven't seen it yet.

Whew, that's all I have to say. Good luck, and enjoy the demo (when it's verified). =)

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Well, seeing some room for optimization there, I recorded a 1:12 speedrun. I hope 50.cab demos stay compatible with future versions...



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I managed a 1:04 demo using another trick I overlooked while mapping.

The red key room has a cacodemon in it, and the door is actually just DR, not requing a key, from the inside. If you try enough, the caco will open the door for you and you can hit the pillar and exit the level rather fast.

I won't post the demo though. It took a while for the caco to open the door. I'm sure ideally a fast time is probably under 45 seconds.

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