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Some models I made which also can be use for freedoom

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Oh... Kay.. I really don't see how any of those would be useful for Freedoom. Whatever, thanks anyways, I suppose. By the way, you are aware that to use those we'd have to convert them to sprites, aren't you? Just checking. If you can make sprites, BTW, please do. Freedoom seems to be perpetually on the edge of death.

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Yes, I know, I'm just hoping that someone would be able to use them for creating sprites, they're probaly be more usefull with jdoom, but they can also be edited, render, animated and tweak for doom sprites, I don't have the skill for making md2 but maybe I could make some sprites with them later on. by the way, I'm not good at making hands and the phisic needed for chains to animate, which is why I'm hoping someone else could fill that in.

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